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Do you like to play empire building games like Evony (or Civony), where you have to create entire nations from humble beginnings? If so, then we have searched some equally thrilling picks which can be identical to the main title and listed them out for you here. You can try and the next massively multiplayer titles online for free on any web-browser of your choice.So go ahead and try out these exciting offerings that may test your strategic skills and even your ability to gather resources and utilize them for the growth of your realm.

  • Travian

The very first option on our roster is this real-time strategy title called Travian.Here you are given a tiny little bit of land to produce and grow into a self-sustaining colony. Your main aim here is not merely to expand your own territory but also to use and conquer the areas with the aid of military troops as you are able to create once you’ve enough resources and structures to aid an army. You will find three main forms of races which you can play as here namely, the Romans, the Gauls or the Teutons who have their particular unique capabilities and strengths. Once you select your faction, you are able to choose which world you wish to play in and start building your legacy from scratch. You can pillage and plunder other villages for resources and other loot. Grow your village by upgrading buildings and trade with other prosperous villages through various marketplaces and by using merchants. Here you may even chat with other players who’re playing for a passing fancy world and form strategic alliances together to help improve your progress and give you a tactical advantage over other factions. The graphics here are kept pretty basic but it’s all the features you would want in virtually any medieval-themed city building pick and a lot more as well.

  • Dark Age Wars

Enter to the Dark Ages and fight to become the best super-power the world has ever seen. In this one, you are likely to be given a place resembling an undeveloped farm form of land that you will have to use and build it into the vibrant community.You will have to combine all of your resources and expand your economy, then once your settlement starts taking shape; you have to help expand develop it and multiply your assets by going on conquests to attack and dominate rival settlements and manage to get their resources which you can enhance your existing supply. But once your empire starts growing and becoming well-off, it may attract undue attention from other empires, which might try and encroach upon your territory. Some of the other features you’ll notice this can be a vast interactive map and the scenic landscapes are sure to enthuse you.

  • Damoria

The following title on our list has over 1 million registered users and even more joining in every day. Here your main aim is to produce a flourishing kingdom for seemingly nothing. All you get at the start is a place on the map that you have to cultivate and build with the help of your loyal subjects. From here you then need to keep upgrading your building and castles and transform it into a strong stronghold. You are able to train huge armies to lay siege to other player’s towns or settlements and use the captured resources to produce your kingdom an even stronger one. If looting and pillaging isn’t your design of expanding, you even have the option of trading along with your neighbors and exchange various components of value. So proceed and start exploring the rich land of Damoria to determine your reign and start your own legacy.

  • Ikariam

Ikariam is another famous massively multiplayer internet manufactured by Gameforge. Over here you’re given the role of playing the leader of a small undeveloped town in the land of Greece. From this aspect, you’ll need to carry out all the activities which are essential for your region to cultivate right into a powerful force. To be able to do this you have to gather the proper types of raw materials which are expected for the city to improve in economic strength. As an example, Wood can be utilized to construct various buildings such as for instance taverns, shipyards and military barracks or vineyards can be utilized to make wine that is needed by the folks to keep the happiness in your kingdom. The happiness of your subjects is a key factor within Ikariam because if your people aren’t happy, they will leave your town that’ll reduce income flow in your economy. Another feature that you will discover here’s your ability to speak to others staying on the island by using the Agora message board.You may also take the help of certain advisers provided here who help you in successfully expanding your town, as an example; a military adviser can oversee all the military activities, a town adviser can determine if all the proceedings of the city are running smoothly etc.

  • Tribal Wars

The final option within our collection is this strategy-based online game with a Middle Age backdrop. This pick also has every one of the features you’d see in any city-building genre such as for instance building barracks, train and command military troops etc. Here your strategic skills alone won’t help you win battles or quests; you also have to rely on support from your team-mates and other players tribes. These alliances are your key assets that can help you to attain the best dominion over all the villages in the world on that you are playing. There are endless objectives or missions as you are able to undertake here, be it attacking enemy villages or gaining other rewards and achievements. So, Tribal Wars definitely makes it worth your while by giving you plenty of enthralling gameplay elements.

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