Top Games Like Eve Online

You’ll surely want to check out what these delights need certainly to offer you on a platter. However, don’t go diving into each of them expecting to see something exactly just like the title in the spotlight. They boast of having their own individual flavors. Most of them even provide similar outer space and extraterrestrial backdrops. You can also find engaging RPG elements and player-driven economy play embedded within majority of the gems.

  1. Star Conflict

Based on the F2P model, this PvP MMO space action title enables you to strap firmly in to the pilot seat of formidable galactic ships. Aimed at pleasing both casual players in addition to pros, it strides forth bundled with many interesting challenges that are sure to keep you in your toes. The world featured listed here is made up of many sectors and includes plenty of player vs. player and PvE action as well.

  1. Vendetta Online

Another entrant within our games similar to Eve Online roster is looked upon as a 3D cross-platform MMORPG that’s manufactured by Guild Software. You can exploit this interesting title via Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems in addition to throughout your Android-powered handheld devices. Here too you’ll manage to pilot spaceships and even decide whether your character should develop into a military hero, peaceful trader, guard for hire, rich captain or outlaw.

  1. Battlestar Galactica Online

Does the title sound somewhat familiar for your requirements? Well, that might be since this browser MMO is based on the 2004 television series blessed with the same name. Developed and published by Big point, it could be played via your Windows or Mac OS X computer. The maker calls you to ‘join the room battling war for galactic supremacy.’ You can prefer to side either the human or Ceylon race.

  1. Perpetuum

Christened with an appealing name, this inclusion within our Eve Online alternatives array is manufactured by Avatar Creations and fashioned mainly for the Windows platform. It’s an MMORPG that’s set against a science-fiction backdrop. Inspired by EO, the title made a large splash when it was released nearly 3 years ago. Some of its engaging features incorporate a persistent sandbox universe, time-based character development, player-driven economy, over 30 robots, dynamically changing resources, formable planet surface and tons of items.

  1. Dark Orbit

Here, you will be introduced to aliens, space pirates and touch bosses. The MMO manufactured by Big point lets you create your own personal clan or join forces with an existing one. Being truly a member of this kind of space group provides you with extra protection and even offensive advantages, in line with the brains behind this endeavor. There’s also an outfit feature thrown in to the amalgamation which allows you to fight side-by-side with other players and accept tough missions without being associated with any specific clan. What’s more, you are able to dabble in quests, challenges and different jobs during your stay here. You can also find individually configured ships and explosive PvP battles. ‘The fight for essential resources has begun.

  1. Darkfall Unholy Wars

The ultimate contender within our games similar to Eve Online roundup is really a little distinctive from one other options prearranged here. You won’t find any space elements infused into this title. However, you are able to indulge in a fast-paced PvP MMORPG treat where you could form clans and fight with others through the fantasy world of Agony.

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