Top Games Like Europa Universalis

These fantastic games offer in-depth gameplay and complete freedom within the nation you control, permitting you to basically rewrite history as you turn a small country right into a superpower.

The Europa Universalis group of games are highly popular in the grand strategy genre and are made by the experienced Paradox Development Studio, known for a number of other historical games in the similar vein. These games allow you to build your empire from the bottom up as you choose the trade politics, us government and more while progressing through centuries of hardship and peace. Your decisions can massively affect historical events and the world around you while you obtain important trade routes to your advantage.

Age of Wonders III

Enjoy a mixture of roleplaying, empire building, and warfare, as you lead one of six races to conquer. Get lost in a rich singleplayer campaign, on one of two sides. Wield destructive magic and crush your enemies using the unique abilities of one’s army. Explore a detailed and living fantasy world.

Hearts of Iron IV

March forward to victory in the 4th entry of the Hearts of Iron series that features far better visuals and more freedom in gameplay. Command your troops as you face various harsh weather conditions. Dominate friends and family and other players in competitive and cooperative multiplayer that enable no more than 32 players.

Supreme Ruler 1936

Supreme Ruler 1936 throws you back once again to history’s most brutal era as you play many different campaigns from the Allied or Axis side.

Victoria II

Victoria II throws you back to the colonial era of the 19th century as you take control of one of over 200 countries and make daring decisions that will have far-reaching consequences. With a strong political system in place, any action that you take can cause the populace to react in one way or another.

Supreme Ruler 2020

Supreme Ruler 2020 puts you in an unstable world where chaos and economic instability rules the nations. Pick from over 250 territories in this sequel that adds a brand new sandbox mode which allows for an endless level of replay value and customization to complex, strategic gameplay.

Dominions 3: The Awakening

Create your pretender god as you lead one of over 60 unique nations in this fantasy, turn-based strategy game. Dominions 3: The Awakening allows you to play through 3 eras as you work with a complex magic system with over 600 spells and tons of special abilities and units that enable for a massive group of fun, tactical gameplay.


Total War: Warhammer II is the next Total War title occur the brutal, war-ravaged Fantasy universe. Explore the beautiful New World as you lead one of 4 factions to fantastic strategic battles. Expand your empire as you form alliances and level up Legendary Lords and Heroes in an enormous fantasy world.

Total War: ROME II

Take command of Ancient Rome or choose from a sizable group of different civilizations that feature hundreds of unique units to use to send to vast, detailed battles. Total War: Rome II offers great camera perspectives as you watch major battles unfold with your mastermind tactics on sea and land.

Napoleon: Total War

Rule the lands as legendary general Napoleon or play as one of his true major rivals in the 6th installment of the Total War franchise. Command your army through 3 exciting campaigns or battle it out on sea and land with friends and family in multiplayer.

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