Top Games Like Dragonvale

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The next games like Dragonvale let you rear your very own fantastic critters, well virtually of course. Whenever you download them from iTunes or Google Play, you’ll be able to take care of various creatures that range from the scaly and slimy sort to the furry and feathery kinds. The iOS and Android title under consideration enabled you to control a magical island in the sky and raise adorable fire-breathers. Similarly, you’ll get to adopt and look after wonderful beings via your mobile device with your options.

  1. Dragon Island Blue

‘Ever wanted to construct an army of monsters?,’ quips the brains behind this endeavor. Well, if you’re nodding in excitement, waste no time in procuring this iOS-compatible delight that’s readily available for just under a dollar. Fashioned for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, the engaging title enables you to indulge in fun monster training and catching activities.

  1. Pocket Frogs

Moving far from the large reptilian sort, this next entrant inside our games similar to Dragonvale roster handles tailless amphibians that is found in your very own backyard pond. Well, if you don’t have a fishpond, fret not as you’ll be able to collect, trade and breed a lot more than 35,000 unique frogs via your very own iPad, iPod touch or iPhone.

  1. Tiny Monsters

‘Hatch, raise, and breed mysterious elemental creatures,’ is the call to arms here. This free iOS and Android compatible application is home to a plethora of rare and cute critters, each boasting of their own unique capabilities and features. Your aim would be to nourish and raise them until they evolve into more matured beings. Whilst the developer reveals, you’ll even be able to raise rare hybrid monsters to incorporate only a little spice to your critter collection. Every one of these events play out in the proper execution of high resolution artwork and awesome animation via your gadget’s touchscreen.

  1. Dragon Story

The creator of the engaging title enables you to step in to the shoes of a critter caretaker. You’ll be transported to magical islands where you are able to rare baby beasts and transform them into mighty adults with love and care. Aim to achieve the Epic form by evolving them through 4 stages. You will have different colored beings at your disposal for creating hybrids.

  1. Monster Pet Shop

Miniature monster mania continues with yet another iOS and Android application. This free-to-play gem allows you to run your very own pet store. And as you might have already guessed, your shop isn’t stocked with just any type of animals. You’ll be able to breed, play, feed, exhibit and sell magical critters. And whilst the maker suggests, you can make more cash if your pet is kept happy.

  1. Zombie Farm

Completely fed up of killing the mindless menace? Well, here’s your chance to grow and cultivate them in place of splattering their rotting flesh all over your screen. You’ll be able to grow and harvest the corpse crop in your own virtual backyard. You are able to further opt from various zombies and even mutate different ones to generate unique types of the undead.

  1. Pocket Creatures

Our final contender is a pet simulation title that allows you to nurture and rare adorable little terror tykes. You will be able to improve your child in an incredible island that’s full of funny creatures. What’s more, you can decorate your critter in many different costumes and even slap or pet it in order to teach your brand-new friend how to behave.

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