Top Games like Dragon Nest

Searching for different games like Dragon Nest to play online? Well, then your quest to find those forms of titles which have exactly the same fantasy themed elements ends here, as we are proud to provide a whole list of the greatest identical ones and have given them below. Now you can easily flick through our collection and see what new ones are available for you personally play.

  • Continent of the Ninth

The very first option we have for you personally is C9 which comes with a whole new game world with the spectacular 3D design. Your story out here unravels on the Continent of the Ninth, where you’ve to play the role of a hero and stop a demonic villain by name of Never from reigning chaos upon the world. You are given four main human classes to choose from, namely the Fighter, Hunter, Witchblade or Shaman. You can further specialize in combat skills when you level up your character and proceed down your selected class’s career or take certain tests to obtain promoted. You will discover many challenging battles out here and encounter many monstrous creatures ready to attack you on sight. But as you keep defeating enemies you will earn a lot of cash rewards and other bonus items for the character to use.

  • Dungeons and Dragons online

Another famous role-playing title which we can mention on our list of games much like Dragon Nest is this Turbine creation. Here you will discover a number of classes and races to choose from and build up your character from there on. You will get to explore the enchanting world of Eberron in this the one that is filled up with a lot of dangerous quests involving deathly duels with creatures from Minotaurs to Gigantic Trolls. Successfully completing quests allow you level up your character up to and including the maximum of 20 with certain classes being able to go above that as well. There are lots of other features which will excite and motivate you to keep playing in this open world and turn into a powerful and elite level fighter.

  • Vindictus

Here is another 3D fashioned action-packed title for you yourself to play free of charge online. This one comes loaded with explosive battles and more fierce creatures that are waiting to cut you in half. And you will learn many skills that could enable you to kill your enemies before they are able to even blink. In the gameplay, you need to use the environment around you to trap your opponents. You can throw debris or heavy stones at your attackers to stun them or even pin them to a wall and smash their skulls in a bloody takedown. This pick also focuses heavily on the party system as your odds of surviving enemy attacks and boss fights increases when you have strong allies fighting alongside you. There is a lot of adventure waiting for you in this land of dungeons and demons.

  • Grand Chase

For whatever you fans of dungeon raiding we have recommended this popular title on our list of Dragon Nest alternatives for you yourself to try out. There are a whole range and classes of warriors you can play as out here, where in addition you have the option of choosing several characters to play with. You’ll face many tricky monsters and giants in each dungeon over here, where you should use a chain of special moves to be able to overcome them. Your selected character also can string up a type of combo’s to defeat an army of attackers with the aid of powerful weapons and potent magical abilities. There are lots of modes featured here, besides the dungeon mode you have a Team Battle mode where you fight in teams or the Survival mode where you need the fight to be the final man standing among a group of other players. So this pick definitely has lots to provide with regards to entertainment.

  • Lunaria Story

Here is one more 2D styled side-scroller where you could reach play a mighty warrior and continue quests to fight many hostile monsters. You’ll fight to be able to gain valuable experience for the character and level up to become the better warrior. You may also train your character to boost your stats and be more dexterous on the battlefield. This pick also lets you own and train pets to fight together with you and help improve you stat level. And you may also equip your character with lots of different items that could assist you to gain a benefit within the enemy and improve your odds of attaining victory Atlanta divorce attorneys battle. The colorful environments and exceptional fighting mechanisms cause it to be a must play for several MMORPG fans.

  • Elsword Online

And finally, we have Elsword online on our roster of games just like Dragon Nest that was developed by KOG Studios. Here you will see many more amazingly designed dungeons which a lot of crazy monsters to fight against. Once you decide on your particular class you are able to fight to your heart’s content in the many dungeon crawler challenges and exciting player vs. player battles that take place here daily. You are even free to explore the colorful fields of Elrios and clear it of all the dangerous monsters that roam around the area. You’ll even get companions in the form of pets and mounts who will journey with you in your pursuit of action and adventure.

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