Top Games Like Doodle Jump

Then there are several titles which offer the same characteristics, but with very different approaches. Nevertheless, our collection below is full of enjoyable and addictive picks which are sure to stop you entertainment. Also, we’ve centered on providing titles which can be found across multiple platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

7 Games Like Doodle Jump

  1. Cereal Jump

Breakfast is basically the most important meal of your day and if you adore cereal, well, you’re not the sole one. Developer Tapps has established this game which lets you play as characters of cereals which change depending on the day of the week, with Saturdays being an expectation where all choices are unlocked, including flavors.

  1. Mega Jump

Mega Jump is a lot like these title where rather than hopping to and from platforms, you’ll need to gather coins to help keep moving. However, that one comes with several extra elements to make the gameplay even more enjoyable. The environment features cartoon graphics and it changes as you go through stages. There are many power-ups available which permit you to transform right into a balloon, a magnet to attract coins and a lot more.

  1. Chickens Can’t Fly

Unlike most additions with this roster, Chickens Can’t Fly doesn’t involve climbing up levels, but free-falling in an endless environment by avoiding obstacles such as for example butchers, witches, ghosts, drones, generals, sharks in addition to evil scientists, and collecting corn while you’re at it.

  1. Funny Bounce

Funny Bounce is definitely one of the very enjoyable amongst one other additions on the Doodle Jump alternatives compilation. The title is pretty simple – You begin off leaping onto platforms by controlling a circular critter which for reasons unknown, has a wide smile across its face. On your own journey, you progress from the city of clouds to a starry sky followed closely by space. There are many elements provided to offer you a boost in-game, but in addition monsters that want to kill you. For defense, the fluffy ball will be able to shoot fire bullets. The title also provides a silver coin mode where collecting money enables you to bounce higher. Funny Bounce can be acquired on Android and Windows Phone.

  1. NinJump Deluxe

NinJump Deluxe puts you in the shoes of a ninja that journeys (climbs actually) through various levels occur jungles and castles. The main goal listed here is to attain to the top by avoiding obstacles such as for example sea monsters, witch doctors, tropical snakes, monkeys, fire-breathing dragons and enemy ninjas.

  1. Monster Up

Monster Up is fairly different compared to the other games just like Doodle Jump mentioned here, but it’s earned an area within our list anyway. Here’s why – Instead of climbing environments by bouncing off objects, here you’re running forward by hopping in one hovering platform to some other in some type of wormhole.

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