Top Games Like Divinity II

Games like Divinity II are noted for their expansive worlds and their mix of action and roleplaying elements all in usually the one package. Unlike many other games, Divinity II does not restrict your character to 1 class or path. Players choose how to develop their character. Skills are grouped together in schools but could be chosen at will. Numerous forms of crafting can be found with the capacity to make potions, summon the undead, or enchant equipment to make it more powerful. Later in the overall game, the gamer also gains access with their own base of operations, the Battle Tower, as well as obtaining the capacity to transform into a dragon which allows you to fight in the air. The latter is just possible in large areas but it is still a wonderful spectacle to be able to take the fight in every three dimensions.

Red Dead Redemption

Play as John Marston, an ex-criminal who now’s forced to show against his old partners in crime to protect those he loves. Blaze a trail through the American frontier as you complete missions, collect outfits, and try your hand at poker. Having an amazing multiplayer feature, this game will stop you coming back time and time again.


Rise to the challenge because of the champion of the island of Faranga. Live with the consequences of one’s actions in some sort of full of earthquakes, monsters, and treasure. Develop into a powerful swordmaster, staff fighter, or mage, as you quest to save the island.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Like the very first part, Witcher 2 is dependant on novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. You play as a Geralt of Rivia, genetically enhanced and trained human who hunts monsters for a living. A lot of quests and legions of monsters are awaiting you.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The most recent Elder Scrolls single player game, Skyrim brings you into the frigid landscape of Tamriel’s northern province, torn apart by strife, civil war, and a recently available plague of Dragons, the bringers of the finish of the world. In this open-world RPG, you can forge your character into anything you can imagine.


A full-time income world where characters live their separate lives, Gothic lands you in ‘the Colony ‘, a penal settlement for prisoners of the king, condemned to a life of mining ore to outfit his armies from the orcish threat. Doomed to the colony, pick one of three factions to support or go your own personal way in this volatile and action-packed RPG.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

As an Inquisitor, the battle to save the continent of Thedas from an esoteric tear in the sky referred to as the Breach that is vomiting forth legions of demons upon the world. Lead a celebration of a game world bigger than any of the previous games. Use your influence and deploy agents to expand your power across Thedas while managing the many personalities within your party.


Choose to build your legend as hero or villain in the vast and richly detailed fantasy world of Albion. Your actions will shape your destiny and decide the path you take. Recruit allies and followers and revel in your glory (or notoriety).

Neverwinter Nights

Develop your PC in an immersive campaign over 60 hours long. Defeat a cult, cure a plague, save cities, all while adventuring through the Sword Coast of the Forgotten Realms setting. On the basis of the hit Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter Nights lets you customize your character any way you want. The toolkit lets you make your own personal custom scenarios and mods.

Gothic II

Having escaped the penal colony and torn down the magical barrier, the former convicts now run rampant around the capital of Khorinis. Outside of towns, the majority of the land has become lawless. Choose your own personal path in this lively RPG with the force of arms and magic to support you.

Risen 2: Dark Waters

A long time after the first video game, the Titans have shocked the world and forced humanity to the brink of death. Different kinds of monster creatures arise from the depths and have paused seafaring. As a member of the Inquisition, quest to avoid the chaos unleashed by these monsters. Enjoy familiar game mechanics in exotic new locales with a piratical theme throughout!

Dragon Age: Origins

As a Grey Warden, quest to unite a kingdom splintered by civil war and to slay an archdemon. Explore a troubled world and make complicated moral choices while engaging in thrilling combat against a whole host of massive and terrifying creatures. There are no easy choices.

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