Top Games Like Diner Dash

On the prowl for some games like Diner Dash? Well, we’ve gathered up some interesting delights that will definitely tug at your heartstrings particularly if you prefer to dabble over time management titles. You will find gems which are strewn across the online terrain along with the iTunes and Google Play stores for players wielding iOS and Android-powered devices, respectively. We try to satisfy all your virtual cravings when it comes to being entertained with options which are similar to the addictive title in question.

  1. Delicious Deluxe

Have you been willing to use up a tantalizing restaurant challenge? Well, if you’re nodding with much enthusiasm, then we suggest you take a look at this specific title. Here you’re able to join Emily as she attempts to breathe life into her dreams and ambitions of being a successful restaurateur. You will find 2 modes and 7 different eateries thrown into the amalgamation. This online title requires you to help keep your visitors happy by being fast on the feet, so prepare to indulge in a few ‘quick clicks.’

  1. Cake Mania

Another entrant within our games much like Diner Dash roster provides your virtual sweet tooth. Help Jill reopen her grandparents’ cake shop by starting a bakery. You may need to help the hard-working protagonist as she pleases her clients, bakes cakes and earns cash to purchase upgrades.

  1. Jane’s Hotel

Jane’s dream is to construct a lovely 5 star hotel. But this type of gigantic feat requires effort, dedication and needless to say, you. She starts off by running a humble 2 star hotel that’s positioned in the outskirts of town. Work the right path up by upgrading accommodations and garnering an excellent reputation.

  1. Chocolate Shop Frenzy

‘Have you been ready to become chocoholic?,’ asks the developer of the engaging title. Here you’re called on to simply help Emma develop into a successful chocolate shop owner. She has to run the store for 12 months to ensure that she can repay her loan. Prepare for special events and be wary of evil competitors.

  1. Sally’s Spa

This inclusion within our Diner Dash alternatives allows you to relax and unwind with a captivating title that involves a lot of pampering, for the virtual customers, of course. Help Sally rejuvenate her patrons by efficiently providing bath bombs, saunas, massages, manicures and hot stones.

  1. Feed Mee

What do you get whenever you mix hungry zombies with an occasion management title? Well, the solution is staring right at you. This fun online gem allows you to attend to the requirements of some pretty famished undead. You must put them at a desk, take down their order, deliver their treats and get the money left behind. You’ll encounter all forms of comical zombies, including a holy man who was bitten by the undead, a nerdy professor and Frank Dude.

  1. Supermarket Mania

This casual time management title enables you to go behind the bucks counter and indulge in most of the nitty-gritty details related to running a grocery store. You will have to ensure the five supermarkets are stacked up with all the necessary provisions. The iOS and Android versions include 50 levels in story mode, 7 forms of customers, an endless shift mode and over 30 accessories and upgrades. These software delights may be procured without even paying out a single penny.

  1. Farm Frenzy

From the hustle and bustle of the town, we now move onto a title that will take you to the quite countryside where you could run your very own farm. Aim to attain your desired goals, look after sheep, chicken and cows, and rake in an enormous profit while at it.

  1. Ada’s Hospital

Well, if you’ve already tried your hand at taking up responsibilities at a nielsthomas1, supermarket, hotel and farm, why not attempt to manage affairs at a hospital? Ada’s wealthy parents have provided the funds for a private clinic and also given her an ultimatum. She must make a specific amount of money each day, otherwise her father will be required to shut her down.

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