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As most of us know, the 1990s spawned what’s possibly the maximum era in, well, everything. From television to music, to anime and games, this era will continually be hailed as you of the greatest ever. The role-playing hack & slash giant moved down in videogamer lore, being hailed by sites like Metacritic and Gamespot as among the greatest games ever made. Its dark, immersive atmosphere, bolstered by chilling music and superior graphics for a game produced in the period make Diablo a work of art. Art makes people feel things, so it isn’t at all surprising that individuals who have experienced the masterful horror that is Diablo would like more of exactly the same from other titles. If you’re one particular person, you came to the right place, friend. Stay awhile and listen.

Similar Games to Diablo

Titan Quest

Before the look of the Olympian Gods, the Titans ruled within the primordial darkness. Following a great war, the Titans were exiled and imprisoned, ushering in an age of mortals. A trio of the lesser titans, Telkines, break the bond linking Olympus to the mortal world, permitting them to unleash armies of monsters and unforeseen chaos to the mortal realm. At the village of Helos, the player must begin their quest to replace the bond involving the mortal world and Olympus prior to the emergence of the titan Typhon.

Grim Dawn

In the war-torn world of Cairn, the people have been driven to the brink of extinction and Cairn is just about the location of an eternal war between two supernatural powers, one of which wants to utilize human bodies as a resource, the other simply seeking the destruction of the human race. This war has taken its toll on reality and it’s birthed a fresh type of horror. Forced to reside in fear of those supernatural entities, human settlements are few and far between, hidden from plain sight. However, for whatever reason, some surviving humans have begun exhibiting otherworldly powers. Some fear them, others revere them and to some, these “blessed” individuals are humanity’s only hope of reclaiming what’s theirs.

Path of Exile

The once-prosperous continent of Wraeclast was the center of a strong empire, however, now it is a cursed land, a place where criminals are sent from the nearby island of Oriath. As one particular individual, the player must trudge through the unforgiving terrain, wilderness, and the dangerous inhabitants, amidst the dark secrets of the Eternal Empire which once called the continent home. Have you got what it takes to survive?

Drakensang Online

Centuries ago, a dragon emerged which plunged the entire world into chaos and brought humankind to the brink of destruction. However, the valiant efforts of several brave heroes, with assistance from people, saw the dragon banished to the fiery depths from whence it came. Peace was restored and the dragon’s evil was reduced to only a legend. However, following a century of peace, evil threatens to come back as war breaks out in the north, a prince vanishes with no trace and a certain cult has been revived. The turmoil, a sign of the dragon’s imminent return, spurs a fresh fight for survival, a fresh reason for warriors to bear arms and a fresh age of heroes.


On the outskirts of the quaint town of Grove, exists a Dungeon Gate; a pathway to multiple degrees of fame, fortune, and obviously a top chance of death. The Gate sends adventurers to random maze-like floors which are teeming with monsters and treasure. The gamer, after several days of travel, happens upon the forest town of Grove and becomes conscious of the dungeon on the outskirts. Enticed by the chance of fame and riches, their adventure begins!


Ember: a rare and mysterious ore that is capable of either enchanting or corrupting everything it touches. Town of Torchlight owes its very existence to the discovery of Ember; however, danger looms as hordes of horrific creatures, all emboldened by Ember threaten to decimate town and possibly, the world. A lone explorer appears in the town of Torchlight, could this be usually the one who’ll put a finish to the Ember-bolstered madness?

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