Top Games like Diablo 3

Here’s a list of the greatest hack and slash role-playing games like Diablo 3 set up exclusively for you.These action-packed titles are sure to stop you hooked on your joystick using their combination of thrills and chills. So go ahead and enjoy this seriously wicked ensemble.

6 Games like Diablo 3

  1. Sacred

The initial within our collection is Sacred, produced by Ascaron for Microsoft Windows and Linux as well. You’ve 6 different characters you can play as, with each of them having unique fighting styles. Once you choose your character, your story begins in the fictional continent of Ancaria, where you have to search for and defeat the evil Sakkara demon. Even though each character has different quests, the story will ultimately end next main objective of killing the Sakkara demon is accomplished. You’ve a variety of items which is often bought to help you on your own journey, from magical potions to fast horses. The acquisition of runes (or sacred letters) is important as they improve the ability of one’s character.

  1. Titan Quest

In this ancient Greek mythological pick, you can decide to play a man or woman role, where you have to embark on a journey to fight and destroy all mythical monsters that come in your way, such as spiders, centaurs, undead and so on. But your primary objective is to fight and defeat the powerful Titan Typhon, the best boss. The hack and slash theme of Titan Quest will blow you away using its well directed light and 3D effects. It’s the kind if almost non-story based title you’d desire to play if you’re fed up with those Lord of the Rings inspired one. Do not that you can play with around 6 other players owing to the multiplayer feature.

  1. Dungeon Siege 3

Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, this is actually the third installment of the Dungeon Siege Series playable on Microsoft Windows, Playstation3 and Xbox 360. You’ve an option of playing as any among the four different characters available and each of them have two unique fighting styles but just one may be used at any given time, based on your own preference. The story takes invest the Land of Ehb, where Jeyne Kasseynder, instigates the citizens of Ehb to wipe-out the 10th legion as she believes they are responsible for the death of her father, the King of Ehb.

  1. Divinity 2: Ego Draconis

Divinity II has the exact same concepts of games much like Diablo 3, where you have to complete various kinds of missions or quests, gain experience points and explore the planet in that you are playing in. Here that world could be Rivellon, where you are playing a character whose main aim is to slay the most of the remaining Dragons, whenever they are sighted. You develop your skills from scratch in trainings schools and also learn different crafting abilities such as Enchanting, alchemy and necromancy. One remarkable feature could be the characters capability to turn into a powerful dragon during combat. Larian Studios certainly put lots of ingenuity and imagination in the development with this version and could be clearly noticed while playing.

  1. Path of Exile

It’s another fantasy world based theme, in that you end on the shores of the continent of Wraeclast that will be home to many unwanted criminals. So you have to fight your way through and team up with similar exiles like yourself to be able to survive in this inhospitable environment. You are able to decide to play as some of the 6 character classes made available to you namely the Templar, Witch, Marauder, Ranger, Shadow and Duelist. Each character you choose starts with three major skills i.e. Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity. Unlike traditional action role-playing Diablo 3 alternatives skills could be by acquired through skill gems which have to be earned in battle. Path of Exile is available to play free online for Microsoft windows and Linux.

  1. Torchlight 2

How can we not include this famous pick, produced by Runics games within our games much like Diablo 3 list? It consists of four main classes namely Berserker, Embermage, Outlander and Engineer, each of them has their very own special fighting styles that they use in battles against monsters (for example; Embermage uses spell magic and Outlander uses range attacks to fight enemies). The smoothness that you choose can earn experience points on defeating monsters in battle. In this second version of the Torchlight series, the smoothness your decision must track down and stop the evil Ember Blight who is responsible for corrupting and destroying the town of Torchlight. Another feature distinctive from the last version is that you now have the freedom to customize you character based on your liking, such as you can change the characters hairstyle, color, gender etc. You can play this one in single as well as multiplayer mode only on Microsoft Windows platform.

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