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Below are a few spectacular games like Dead Space that have a thrilling mix of horror and survival. This kind of games will always perhaps you have sitting at the edge of the seat once you play as you will not know what nightmarish creatures might pop out of someplace without prior warning. So if you have a choice for games which may have a fictional and spooky plot, then your following options we have for you here ought to be just what you would desire to play.

  •  Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 is the initial option we have for you on our list of games similar to Dead Space as it has some genuinely horrific moments that you’ve to manage throughout the campaign. Since you may know from the last installments, Resident Evil is all about you going into intense firefights with zombie type of enemies and other mutated creatures. The storyline out listed here is also something in tune with that concept.

  •  Bioshock 2

For those who have checked out the initial edition of Bioshock, this one will probably be more refreshing as out here you are likely to be playing as a huge metal dude called ‘Big Daddy’and you explore the eerie underwater city of Rapture. You will also face off with some newer enemies form insane splicers that you keep encountering throughout the story.

  •  Dead Rising 2

The next option that we have for you on our number of Dead Space alternatives is Dead Rising 2 created by Blue Castle Games. In Dead Rising, you play the part of an ultimate survivor against a number of undead zombies.There is a wide range of missions you will get to play in this one with their particular sets of obstacles and terrors.

  •  Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is another zombie outbreak inspired game we can recommend which has the survival element as the key objective. This pick depicts that all the human population is infected by way of a ‘Green Flu’virus which turns them into a vicious range of mutated zombies, but you can find four survivors who’re immune to the disease.

  •  Resistance 3

Resistance 3 is one more thrilling title which we can add to our ensemble of games similar to Dead Space for you really to check out. Out here you are likely to be playing in a scenario where in fact the people have almost been wiped out by the monstrous Chimera. And to create thing worse, a current discovery indicates a wormhole has been discovered that’s the capability of destroying the entire world.

  •  Last of Us

The final action-packed survival horror game on our list is Last of Us created by Naughty Dog. This pick will have you playing in another bleak scenario where nearly all of humankind has been infected by a disease which turned them into mindless monsters and what’s left of the human survivors are either in a battle to survive this disease or rebuffing other human scavengers.

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