Top Games like Darksiders

Combining elements from both action-adventure and hack and slash genres, these games like Darksiders are surely bound to delight you if you’re a supporter of Vigil Games’offerings. This series revolving around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse saw its first entry hitting theaters back in 2010. It had been met with considerable critical acclaim because of its unique offerings which led its makers to invest their time into a successor that was launched in 2012 with well-appreciated offerings.

Providing gamers with ample combat, puzzles and exploration elements along with a higher replay value, they have created a massive group of followers for themselves. But there are just two Darksiders games that are available at the moment. That’s where this listing of titles comes into the picture. It has been infused with some excellent offerings that look to provide comparable gameplay to that of Vigil’s titles. So without wasting long on introductions let’s get straight to the duty at hand.

  • God of War III

God of War III to is founded on mythology, but it looks into Greek legends because of its inspiration. Aside from a furious protagonist who screams out every word that he speaks, this title features some extremely strong gameplay elements. Produced by SCE Santa Monica Studio, it presents action-adventure offerings that combine with puzzle-solving and mild platforming to provide a healthier base for the game.

  • Bayonetta

Released in 2010, Bayonetta has a huge fan following around the world. It’s a simple action-based game which has a heavy focus on hack and slash combat. Produced by Platinum Games, it revolves around a witch named Bayonetta who wields her firearms and magical attacks in order to fight off angelic enemies. One of the main facets of its combat is that although it’s extremely diverse, it has a very short learning curve.

  • DmC: Devil May Cry

The latest in the long-running series of excellent offerings from Capcom, DmC: Devil May Cry serves as a reboot to yesteryear games. Taking place in an alternative solution reality, it’s its focus set on player character Dante’s journey as a man. The game has been blessed with a black story and features visuals and music to complement that.

  • Dante’s Inferno

Visceral Games, the developer which includes given us classics like Dead Space and Godfather came out with Dante’s Inferno in 2010, pleasing all of us with pure and unadulterated hack and slash fun. As its name suggests, it is founded on Inferno which will be the first canticle of Dante Alighieri’s poem Divine Comedy. With a tool as cool whilst the Death’s Scythe, there’s no getting bored in Dante’s Inferno.

  • Dragon’s Dogma

If you prefer some healthy role-playing elements to get along with your hack and slash combat it’s likely you have a wise decision available in Dragon’s Dogma.It’s a vast game which tests your patience to the core. Long and diverse quests which are more often than not interconnected, some really interesting skill trees, relentless boss battles and far more form highlights of the incredible Capcom game.

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