Top Games like Crysis

Game titles like Crysis offer all players a good gaming experience. They have an uncanny ability to make you feel as if you’re in the place right in the center of all the action. In this pick, you’re able to use some of the finest weapons and gear with technologies that haven’t been invented yet helping to make them a lot more intriguing. So if you haven’t tried playing this genre of first-person shooters, then we’ve produced a good new list that you could take a look at below.

  • Battlefield 3

The initial the one that comes to the mind whenever we speak about first-person shooters is Battlefield 3 which really is a third the main Battlefield legacy developed by Electronic Arts DICE. Here you are certain to get to play as different soldiers of the U. S Marines with unique skill sets and abilities but it is entirely up to you to decide how to you these soldiers on the battlefield based all on your own tactics.

  • Counter-Strike: Source

Another option on our set of games similar to Crysis is the version of Counter-Strike titled Source. This pick really needs little introduction but we included it on our list because it is a classic in the first person shooter category. And when you yourself have played the first releases of this 1 you will immediately notice the advanced visuals and graphical effects seen out here, due to the Source engine where game designers from Valve Corporation have created this awesome title.

  • Far Cry 3

The next option we’ve for you personally is Far Cry 3 developed by developed by game designer and publisher Ubisoft. In this scenario you will be playing on the tropical island of Rook, however, this island is not any paradise as it includes some probably the most hostile and vile pirates that the planet has ever seen. After escaping from capture, your mission would be to now free the others of your imprisoned friends and escape this god-forsaken place.

  • Halo 3

This really is also another first-person shooter which we could add to the set of Crysis alternatives for you to play on your own Xbox 360 gaming console. Halo 3 is the 3rd release of the Halo franchise and it is simply a sci-fi themed pick where you will be against many alien adversaries. But fortunately, you have the ideal type of gear and other equipment to assist you to combat these advanced alien life-forms.

  • Half-Life 2

How could we not mention this world-renowned Valve Corporation creation on our list? Half-Life 2 lets you hit the floor running and attack an array of aggressive alien creatures and other monsters to save lots of mankind from the powerful combine Empire. You will be playing the role of the hero from the first installment named Gordon Freeman and set about your mission to displace mankind and earth itself to its former glory.

  • Doom 3

The last one we could recommend on our roster of games similar to Crysis is Doom 3 developed by id Software in association with Activision. Perhaps you have wondered what all evil creatures thrive in the deepest darkest realms of hell? Well, then this pick provides a fair idea of what type of monsters and evil entities exist out there. And in Doom 3 you must face a whole army of those monsters as you progress from one level to the other.

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