Top Games like Commandos

There are lots of those who want to play games like Commandos, where they are able to reach be in charge of an entire operation and apply their particular tactics to perform missions. If you fall into this category of gamers, then take a look at our number of games below, which can be found to play on your PC.

  • Company of Heroes

The initial one on our list of games just like Commandos is Company of Heroes developed by Relic Entertainment. Like any good strategy game, this pick will put you right into a commanding role where you will need to make accurate decisions based on the task you have at hand. Considering that the campaigns’setting is in World War II, you are likely to be controlling several soldiers and make them plan out attacks against their enemies.

  • Silent Storm

The following option we have for you personally is Silent Storm produced by Nival Interactive. This pick has also occurred the warring environment of World War II once the Allies and Axis are getting face to face in full-blown war. In the midst of most this chaos, there is also a third secret organization called Thor’s Hammer that desires to increase to power and dominate the entire world. Your missions in this pick will need you to recruit and lead some of the world’s finest soldiers through that time.

  • Men of War

The third one on our selection of Commandos alternatives is Men of War. Whilst the name suggests, War could be the central theme in this pick as well and the developers from Best Way have given you the decision of selecting from three warring nations.

  • Hidden and Dangerous 2

The next installment of Hidden and Dangerous is another great war game which we can recommend for you to play. This one may have you selecting from the band of special soldiers from the British Special Air Service, where you may have carried out various dangerous missions in numerous countries of the world.

  • Soldiers: Heroes of World War II

Heroes of World War II is still another popular release by Best Way, which focuses mainly on the battles that ensued during the next World War. Here you will get the choice of joining any of the four main warring countries i.e. America, Russia, Britain or Germany and use all their soldiers and other vehicular units during your missions.

  • Desperados 2

This second part of Desperados is another one on our roster of games just like Commandos for you to try. Desperados 2 takes place in a more western setting where you is likely to be in charge of several heroes and use their special abilities in order to complete your mission’s objective.

  • Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood

And finally, we offer you Robin Hood as the last one on our list. Here you are likely to be in control of the legendary archer himself and also his band of Merry Men, in their exploits against the evil Prince John. You will discover that every mission is significantly different out here as you will need to deploy clever tactics such as for example stealth and ambush to accomplish your objectives.

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