Top Games Like Command & Conquer

Games like Command & Conquer are most prevalent in people’s minds when they believe of an RTS. The addictive gameplay coupled with Frank Klepacki’s rocking soundtracks make a winning formula. Live action cinematics and tongue in cheek humor enhance the enduring popularity and success of the series. Even the wrestler and actor John Cena is a noted fan of the games!

Best Games Like Command & Conquer

Starcraft II

A legendary game among fans of Real-time strategy, Starcraft 2 was created by heavy-hitting developer Blizzard, who also brought us games like Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and Warcraft 3. IN this sci-fi RTS, you can enjoy a dramatic campaign or go online to challenge your friends to manage you in a base-building battle for dominance!

Warhammer 40 000: Dawn of War

Lead the Blood Angels to victory on the war-torn world of Tartarus. The 41st millennium is a dark future where untold alien races battle humanity in unending warfare. Customise your armies and lead them to victory across countless battlefields where close combat is the maximum amount of a decider as firepower.

Supreme Commander

The Infinite War has dragged on for one thousand years. Three rival powers fight for their cause in a conflict without any quarter. Now after centuries of devastation, a turning point has been reached. Your strategic vision and command would be the deciding factor between domination or extinction.

Company of Heroes

Lead an Allied company through the chaos of Normandy and the Battle for France in this visceral WW2 RTS. Use the completely destructible environment as you will, whether as cover or to deny the same use to your enemy. Watch while the intelligent AI brings your soldiers to life as they use cover and tactics to their best advantage.

Planetary Annihilation: TITANS

Conquer the galaxy as your armies wage war across entire solar systems. Demolish entire planets with apocalyptic super weapons and annihilate armies together with your colossal TITANS. Automate your armies and production lines in order to concentrate on individual planets while your troops romp to victory on others.

Grey Goo

Balanced combat is coupled with smooth strategy mechanics in this action-packed RTS that targets macro over micromanagement. Lead the Humans, Beta, or Grey Goo into battle in this vicious three-way conflict. Watch as your Epic units dominate the battle.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

Search for a mysterious artifact in this thrilling prequel to Homeworld. Lead an expedition across the shifting desert sands of Kharak and battle your path across sand dunes, blasted craters, and dangerous canyons. Command Rachel S’jet’s expedition in her quest to uncover her peoples’destiny.

Rise of Nations

An instantaneous classic among fans of real-time strategy games, Rise of Nations is a game noted for demanding players give their all to be able to overcome hardships and ultimately win the day. Siege castles, mount naval assaults, and more in this challenging, but rewarding RTS game!

Company of Heroes 2

Protect the Motherland and fight for the Soviet Union in this action-packed sequel. Fight on the frontlines with the Red Army entirely from the steppes of Russia to the streets of Berlin. Fight in the Ardennes with the Allies or play online with certainly one of the several armies; each with their particular distinctive look and playstyle.

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