Top Games like Ciao Bella

There are many games like Ciao Bella where you’ve to greatly help the game’s protagonist achieve his / her goals in life. To do this, you will need to make careful decisions as each choice leaves a direct effect in some way or the other. We’ve mentioned a couple of great life simulation form of games for you below, just in case you were trying to find something identical to our main title in question.

As for Ciao Bella: La Bella Romanza, you step into the shoes of Elena, a contemporary career woman (sic) with an elaborate life. It is a thirteen-part title, with each representing a week in your life. You’ve to juggle your career, health, family life and relationships as you steer your path through Little Italy with the greatest goal of winning over your boyfriend Elio as your husband for a happily ever after ending.

All as you go along, you must help friends and family using their various problems, though it’s not necessary to help them in completing their tasks if they are detrimental to your ‘health and happiness.’ The game’s very hectic in the very first couple of stages and it gets easier next, though we suspect you know this if you’re trying to find alternatives.

The Hook Up

If you should be very keen on games much like Ciao Bella, then you are very likely to love playing The Hook-Up. In this pick, your character has enrolled in a rate dating service and most of your objective is to obtain as many dates as possible. With this, you will have to quickly answer the questions asked by your date and be able to begin the conversation on the right note.


The next option we have for you is Supple. In this pick, you assume the role of aspiring Style Editor Arin Costello and help her excel in life. Whether it’s her work life or social life, you will undoubtedly be guiding her as she makes all her decisions and reaches her goal in life.

Stylish Girl

Another one we could recommend for you is Stylish Girl. You play the role of a typical teenage girl who needs your help getting her a date here. But hooking a date isn’t all so easy as you first to have to construct an amazing outfit to impress him.

Kudos 2

Kudos 2 is another one of those great Ciao Bella alternatives since they are both pretty similar in several ways. Here, you are basically managing the everyday life of a character by helping them to produce crucial decisions related to life. As an example, you will need to decide whether your character is really a workaholic who always puts their job first or maybe more of a socialite who loves hanging out with friends and opting for parties.


Our next pick titled Clueless lets you assume control of the lives of three fashionably clueless girls surviving in the glamorous Beverly Hills area. Out here, you will need to personally select the clothes for all the girls to wear and keep these things looking fabulous for his or her upcoming dates with some cute guys.

Catwalk Countdown

In Catwalk Countdown, you will undoubtedly be playing an aspiring fashion designer eagerly waiting for release your own personal fashion line. After quitting an apprentice job because of the highly egotistical boss, your character ends up employed by her uncle who owns a materials store. From here, you will slowly have to greatly help your character build her way towards becoming a popular fashion designer through hard work and dedication.

Fashion Boutique

The final option on our list is Fashion Boutique. Whilst the name suggests, here you will undoubtedly be playing as the master of a styling boutique and design your own personal dresses to be displayed for sale. You will get many visitors to your boutique who’ll place an order for a specific form of dress and your job would be to quickly come up with this ensemble and deliver it to them.

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