Top Games like Castle Clash

Castle Clash is an addition to abdominal muscles populated mobile strategy game genre. If you have not ever done it yet it’s pretty similar to Clash of Clans when it comes to developing a well-defended base and attacking other players. However there is certainly much target hero units which can be strengthened and come with different game modes. When they have their own unique skills and statistics it really is imperative to determine which hero suits your troop combination to guarantee victory.

  1. Call of Duty: Heroes

Veterans of Castle Clash or another similar titles will find Heroes to become just a modern counterpart. You build structures and defenses, harvest and spend resources, and attack enemy bases while defending from them offensives.

  1. Fortress Legends

You are given command of your fortress where a principal structure the Oblime Stone need to be defended. To do this it’s essential to construct a sophisticated setup of defensive structures and portals that spew out monsters.  Gold and mana work as the resources and need to be harvested from collectors or looted from defeated enemy fortresses. Whenever you upgrade your Oblime Stone you are given access to better technology plus the opportunity to expand your fortress through additional floors.

  1. Empire: Four Kingdoms

The experience takes invest a medieval setting where you stand tasked in developing an effective and flourishing kingdom. As always you can construct resource-gathering structures to gather food, wood, and stone. Gold is earned primarily by collecting taxes out of your citizens and you ought to collect it over time or else the tax collector might be pocketing several of the dough for himself.

  1. Clash of Lords 2

Clash of Lords 2 is rather generous when it comes to helping you collect heroes. You’ll be able to recruit them for free every day, obtain them from raids, or by completing the daily join reward. There are a number of heroes available starting from normal to epic. They each have their particular list of skills which can be activated during combat, and bonuses when set to help you another hero. Their attributes are enhanced at the expense of experience eggs or sacrificing excess heroes.

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