Top Games Like Candy Crush

Satisfy your sweet tooth with an entire picnic basket of tasty treats that have something in accordance – ‘match-3 puzzle gaming bliss.’ Just like the title in the spotlight here, you’ll be able to match 3 or even more items in order to clear them off the onscreen board and earn big points. And yes, you can expect plenty of power-ups and other kinds of goodies embedded within each of the delicacies. Just what exactly have you been waiting for? Scan through our list, download those you discover most delightful and indulge in the sugary goodness they each need certainly to offer.

7 Games Like Candy Crush

  1. Bejeweled Blitz

We kick start the party with a title that definitely needs no introduction especially if you’re a tile-matching puzzle game whiz. But for people who are new to this genre and would like to relish every single drop of it, here’s a little gist of what they are able to expect. You have just 60 seconds to compare a high score on the board by creating cascades of flame jewels, hypercubes and star gems.

  1. Puzzle and Dragons

Here’s where adventure collides with dynamic puzzle gameplay. In this interesting title, you can attack your foes by correctly matching 3 or even more balls drenched in exactly the same color. However, this entrant inside our games similar to Candy Crush roster enables you to move a certain orb anywhere you would like on the board.

  1. Diamond Dash

Moving from delicious bits of candy which were offered to you in CC, we now reveal a treat that allows you to inflatable sets of colorful precious stones. And similar to Bejeweled, you simply get 60 seconds to work your magic. Match 3 or even more gems and rake up points on the Diamond Bar. During your stay here, you can unlock magical boosts and special powers like color splash, bombs and time boosts.

  1. Glow Jeweled

Get ready to be bombarded with an entire slew of glittery glow graphics. This inclusion inside our Candy Crush alternatives array allows you to create rows comprising of 3 or even more same-color shiny shapes by swapping the tiles via your iOS and Android device touchscreen. The Challenge mode provides you with just 100 seconds to produce your absolute best score.

  1. Puzzle Quest 2

Think about indulging in a great title that takes the match-3 puzzle style to new heights? Well, in accordance with Namco Bandai, the brains behind this exciting endeavor, you can be prepared to dive straight into more than 40 hours of adventure that takes places across an illusion universe filled up with powerful magic, amazing creatures and challenging mini-games.

  1. Candy Jewels

Here is a treat that offers you the most effective of both worlds. This contender inside our games similar to Candy Crush roundup involves swapping around of candy jewels to produce some pretty delectable combos. In this title, you step into the shoes of a candy factory owner who must focus on the needs of varied clients.

  1. Smiles HD

The sweet escapades continue with the reference to this particular game. However, you won’t find any cold jewels or hard candy here. Instead there are adorable little items that stare straight back you, some despite having a smile.

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