Top Games Like Candy Crush Saga

We’ve got several games like Candy Crush Saga for you personally today, offering challenging, yet enjoyable puzzles and different types of themes. The release from King adds new features to the standard match-3 gameplay, making the title extremely enjoyable and addictive, and undoubtedly very popular. A number of other developers have adopted exactly the same approach. So as you wait for your lives to replenish, you might grab some of the titles mentioned below to kill time. Or you’re probably looking for something more challenging. We’ve started using it all:

Gems Journey

At number 1 is Gems Journey which is a puzzler designed for the Android platform. This title offers classic match-3 gameplay through multiple modes. Here you’ll not merely be matching up same designs, but in addition, completing challenges like creating specific shapes with gems and collecting treasures in precise locations. The playable modes include backplane, shape, and collection. You should have 160 levels as a whole and each stage will require you to complete objectives in a certain amount of time or the specific amount of moves. You are able to expect more levels to be contained in the future.

Farm Heroes Saga

Developer King who’s responsible for the series involved includes a few games just like Candy Crush Saga, one being Farm Heroes Saga. The gameplay here is basically exactly the same with a different theme and setting. The target is to avoid a raccoon from destroying farms. To take action, you won’t be matching candy, but different types of vegetables. There are numerous power-ups which can be collected or purchased, to simply help complete challenging levels with ease. Farm Heroes Saga supports cross-platform gameplay. This basically ensures that you can start playing on Facebook and continue your game on Android and iOS devices.

Frozen Free Fall

Frozen Free Fall is just a Disney game that’s on the basis of the animated movie, Frozen. Featuring a winter wonderland theme, you will end up matching different ice crystals together to create 3s or more in levels which are time-based or with the limited amount of moves. This release lets you select different characters which can be unlocked through the story, each having their particular unique abilities like making all same-color crystals disappear and slashing a part of crystals off the screen and more. You can find 195 levels as a whole with an increase of expected to arrive in the future. Also, you receive free power-ups by earning stars. Frozen Free Fall can be downloaded on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.

Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania is another candy-themed match-3 release. Created by TeamLava, this game is one of the very most played Candy Crush Saga alternatives and it provides quite the same experience. You match different types of treats together to perform each level. Stages offer specific objectives and combining over 3 of exactly the same candy will deliver ‘Sweet Spots’for bonuses and more. You can find over 300 levels as a whole and you are able to contend with others through Facebook by posting your high scores for every single stage. You’ll also get power-ups and boosts that help clear obstacles and provide recharges for longer playing sessions. Candy Blast Mania is available on iOS and Android for free.

Mystic Marbles

Mystic Marbles is fairly an original release of the games just like Candy Crush Saga. As opposed to matching same designs, you will end up separating them. Confused? Well, here’s how it works – You basically have to find two of exactly the same marbles and slide them apart to create a clear space where the 3rd one is automatically dropped. The gameplay is pretty simple and you can find bonus items where you are able to eliminate all marbles of exactly the same color and more. One of the very most interesting features this is actually the multiplayer mode which allows up to 4 players to compete against each other on the same device. Mystic Marbles is available on Android and iOS.

Doodle Find

Doodle Find isn’t a match-3 release, but a hidden object game that’s fun to play and very addictive. Each session doesn’t take much time and the faster you are at locating items, them more score you earn. The key objective here is to find the specific variety of items on the screen which are listed on the top. You’ll be quick as talking a lot of time means game over. You’ll manage to hook up to Facebook and share your scores and you can find trophies which can be unlocked. Doodle Find is available in two versions, free which will be ad-based, and paid which costs just $0.99 with no ads and a few extra features. It’s available on iOS only.

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