Top Games Like Bubble Witch Saga

Bubble Witch Saga is a very popular game of a genre of game called bubble shooter. In Bubble Witch Saga, your primary goal is to clear a board by launching a bubble of 1 color at a cluster of bubbles owed to a similar color group. After you do that, the cluster will fall. It’s an easy and incredibly classic puzzle game format, and it’s really confirmed to be very well-suited for mobile games. In this article, soon we will be talking somewhat about some games that are exactly like Bubble Witch Saga, and if you’re a fan of that game, then I’ve got a strong feeling that you like some of these. Without further ado, let’s learn a little more about many of these top-tier mobile puzzle games.

  1. Bubble Blast

 Bubble Blast is produced by match_three, a similar developers behind games like Cube Blast, Candy Jam, Pets Legend, and Diamond Line. It may not be a good deal of surprise that this sort of well-established developer would have this sort of gem in Bubble Blast. The premise of Bubble Blast is much like the premise of Bubble Witch Saga, although I think that there are a lesser cohesive “story” with this app than you will find in ppos game. This app is well-balanced, and it features hundreds of several levels for you to play through.

  1. Bubble Mania

These are reputable developers, Bubble Mania is a game title made by Storm8 Studios. Unless you recognize this studio by name, in which case you might recognize them by some of their apps. Storm8 would be the developer behind wildly popular mobile games such as Bakery Story, Slots, Monopoly Bingo, and several more. Bubble Mania is truly one of their most widely used games, and it’s no wonder why.

  1. Puzzles and Dragons

Puzzles and Dragons is kind of a match-3 puzzle game, yet it’s greater than just that. This creative game combines match-3 puzzle mechanics with that of a standard RPG, and the level of content present in this game is absolutely ridiculous. It’s approachable enough to where I think any puzzle fan would enjoy it, yet it’s also different enough to where I think you could also find enjoyment inside it if you can’t like puzzle games normally. My favorite facet of Puzzles and Dragons is its value, too.

  1. Bubble Witch Saga 2

It feels a lot like cheating to speak about Bubble Witch Saga 2 within the article about Bubble Witch Saga, but I sense that it’s perhaps fitting. That you can probably figure, this sequel is produced by exactly the same those who made the original game, and it’s really visually and mechanically much like Bubble Witch Saga. Game modes have already been polished, new levels have been created, and graphics have got a fantastic little boost. Although this game was eventually succeeded by Bubble Witch Saga 3, many super fans of the series believe that here is the best installment overall.

  1. Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter

Farmville expertly merges the classic Angry Birds branding with a bit of well-balanced and well-designed bubble puzzles. The app offers over 1000 levels, with new content being added on an everyday basis. (You donrrrt have to worry about running out puzzles with this particular one, unless you’re some sort of bubble shooter savant.) With features like daily challenges, different level types, seasonal themes, and boosters, you will need several years for Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter to ever feel old.

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