Top Games Like Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier is an action-adventure MMORPG inspired by games like Pokemon. There are numerous games like Brave Frontier readily available for you today to play, and we will let you know exactly about them. First, though, we wanted to share with you a little bit more about Brave Frontier. This is a game that enables you to be on various quests and missions with your friends. When you begin the overall game, you will need to select from different elemental powers, such as for example Fire, Water, and Earth. You will be able to fight enemies and various bosses while the story of the overall game progresses. As soon as you beat an employer in Brave Frontier, you find yourself moving to another location level of the game. You earn rewards along the way after you beat the enemies.

5 Games Like Brave Frontier – Updated For 2017


First on our listing of games like Brave Frontier is PokeMMO, that will be an action-adventure MMORPG with a puzzle aspect to it. This game is an option to Pokemon, so if you enjoyed that, that was the inspiration for Brave Frontier, then you definitely will love PokeMMO.

Mino Monsters

Mino Monsters can also be one of the finest games like Brave Frontier that is available today on iOS. That is an action-adventure RPG exactly like Brave Frontier and in this game, you capture and train monsters. You will be able to create a monster team and then battle the enemies. You have to be on missions and quests in this game and there are certainly a ton of campaigns to keep you entertained for hours. You also need to build various structures in this game, exactly like Brave Frontier.

Wooparoo Mountain

If we are speaking frankly about games like Brave Frontier, we’ve to fairly share Wooparoo Mountain. This is a game where you’ve to build a village from the ground up and then raise creatures known as Wooparoo creatures. You are the caretaker and you can fight off enemies as you train and feed your creatures to become strong and powerful. This is a very fun and addictive game exactly like Brave Frontier and the premise of the overall game is very similar to Brave Frontier. There’s a truly cool story in this game and you might also need a multiplayer mode for only more pleasurable and entertaining.

My Monster Rancher

My Monster Rancher can also be one of the finest games like Brave Frontier available. This game is for Android and iOS and is an action-adventure RPG game with a puzzle aspect to it. This game is inspired by Pokemon exactly like Brave Frontier. You basically have to recapture monsters, train them and breed them. You go on adventures and various quests in the overall game, and you can cross-breed the monsters for only more pleasurable and exciting.

Dragon City

Lastly, if you should be trying to find games like Brave Frontier you must check out Dragon City. This game is an exercise, city-building, and dragon-breeding game that is similar to Brave Frontier. In this game, you will need to build a monster city and then train the different pets and also raise them. Dragon City allows you to train your dragons for various battles and all the dragons have various skills connected with them. There’s also a multiplayer aspect to this game so you can struggle with other online players; in addition, you can exchange dragons and items with other players too. If you adore the storyline in Brave Frontier, then you definitely will love the city-building and dragon-breeding in Dragon City.

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