Top Games Like Backyard Monsters

If you adore the idea of the title from Kixeye, then you’ll be happy comprehending that there are numerous similar releases available that provide different themes and diverse gameplay. So if you’re seeking to expand your library of MMO strategy titles on cellular devices or you’re will get enough of the addictive gameplay, the options listed below will keep you addicted to for hours.

6 Games Like Backyard Monsters

  1. Castle Clash

Castle Clash is a base-building strategy title where most of your goal is to improve an army and end up being the world’s greatest Warlord. To obtain there, you will have to fight your way to the top by creating your own personal fortress. You can find various kinds of buildings you can produce, each having a intent behind a unique like training troops and collecting resources. Your army and structures could be upgraded to supply better defense and attack.

  1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most enjoyable on our roster of games similar to Backyard Monsters. The title has earned plenty of popularity on iOS and it’s already been made available on Android devices. The objective here is to create a village from start and defend it from invaders. You can also manage to fight back by training troops and various kinds of weapons that really help defend your base. Mining for resources can also be a crucial element.

  1. Samurai Siege

A peaceful land has been attacked by an evil emperor and has been turned into ruins. You take control of the village and try to rebuild it from scratch by adding different structures and defenses. Troops like samurais, ninjas, battering rams and monsters could be trained to protect the village and also be used in combat against other strongholds.

  1. Zombie Farm

Amongst these Backyard Monsters alternatives, Zombie Farm certainly stands out. While the majority of the titles with this list offer almost identical gameplay, this release adds a unique take to the category where you will have to farm for resources manually in place of allowing buildings or characters to do the needful, similar to in Farmville. You begin off with a small barn and a bit of land where you are able to plant various kinds of crops and also harvest them for resources.

  1. Total Conquest

This category is so popular that even Gameloft wants a bit of the action. Total Conquest takes you back in time to manage the Roman Empire. In this strategic social release, you assume the role of a governor with the goal to develop your own personal city and an army. You can find 10 various kinds of units you can hire and train. Along with your city built, battles could be commenced against other players. Or, you can boost your army by dealing with the solo campaign before going online.

  1. Jungle Heat

These games similar to Backyard Monsters are basically built around the same mechanics and Jungle Heat is certainly no exception to that. This title is about looting others from their oil and gold and also causing mayhem in the bargain. Occur tropical jungles, you start off by designing a platform of your personal and add defenses to avoid enemies from attacking.

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