Top Games like Audiosurf

If music is your lifestyle, then we have a listing of some cool musical games like Audiosurf for you check out. In these following titles you won’t only get to groove to a few of the coolest music numbers, but additionally get to play along and rack up a high score to proceed to another level. You will find the right combination of playing your favorite music as well getting engaged in an exciting gameplay. So have a review of our collection of titles that resemble our main one out here.

  • Rock Band Blitz

To commence our list of games just like Audiosurf, we are able to recommend this Harmonix creation, keeping in mind whatever you fans of the rock music genre. In this 1 you are likely to be playing in the famous Rock City, which will be the imagined home of most your favorite rock bands such as for instance Fall Out Boy, RHCP, Blink 182, Bare Naked Ladies, Iron Maiden and many more. Learning how exactly to play can also be pretty simple over here, as all that’s necessary to complete is match the notes of the song to the specific instrument that is dishing out the tunes. You’ll notice that you will see four separate lanes out here, which indicate one particular instrument i.e. the bass guitar, lead guitar, drums or microphone for vocals. After you match up the notes with the respective instrument your score increases with assistance from the multiplier combos. Along with your scores, there is a special blitz bar available here that offers you a boost whenever it fills up, thus further increasing your score. But after the song gets over, all your efforts won’t visit waste as you receive awarded with plenty of ‘cred’and coins which enables you to unlock some serious power-ups and other rewards. And if you’re confident about your experience in playing this 1, you can begin completely with friends and family or other Rock Band Blitz players online and take part in challenges to earn more fame and ‘cred ‘.

  • Symphony

The following fun-filled title on our listing of Audiosurf alternatives is Symphony developed by Empty Clip Studios for the Microsoft Windows PC. This pick will allow you to become the best protector and defender of your music by providing you command over a fighter ship that attacks all enemy ships who threaten your music. In this creatively designed title, your is likely to be controlling a small golden fighter ship and fend off enemies which can be found in the battlespace. The pattern in which the ships appear is dependent upon the type of music that is currently playing in the background. Over here your music will literally determine the difficulty of the particular level and you can include any many songs as you need from any artist. So not only will you listen to a playlist of your individual music, you will even get to play an excellent shoot-em-up type of title. But unlike other classic spaceship shooters, over here you won’t lose a life if you get hit as your ship is only going to lose part of it or will vanish simply to reappear after having a few minutes. As you keep shooting down enemy ships your score keeps increasing in the top right corner of the screen. After successfully completing an amount, you will be able to unlock many useful upgrades to your use which can help you to combat bigger and stronger boss ships.

  • Beat Hazard

Here’s another explosive title coming to your path on our list titled Beat Hazard that has been produced by Cold Beam Games Ltd. for the android device. In this one, you have to pilot and take control of tiny but mighty space fighter and rid the musical universe of any enemies flying around. Here you should use your music list to find out the swarms of enemy attackers that appear on your own screen, in other words, the more intense the music, the more overwhelming the attacks are going to get. However the gameplay is not the thing that’ll enable you to get excited in this pick, but in addition the spectacular visuals and attractive color combinations that are used, as your ships firepower keeps getting upgraded will certainly stop you opting for a lengthy time. So if you are bored of playing exactly the same songs over and over again, why not combine your playlist with some action-packed gaming brought to you by Beat Hazard? Now you should not only like a great gaming experience, but in addition, revive your desire for music at exactly the same time.

  • Raycatcher

The final mention on our ensemble of games just like Audiosurf is Raycatcher which can be acquired for you on Steam. Here you will notice a set of different colored circular discs protecting a core, your job is to safeguard that core from rays that keep appearing and utilize the colored discs to absorb the rays of exactly the same color. So the basic idea behind this one is that you will have to move a circular platform in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction and ensure that the colored rays hit the disc that matches along with of the ray. The frequency of appearance of the rays is set by the synchronizing feature in this title that may automatically keep changing with respect to the beats and notes of the song that currently playing. So you can claim that the music, more the rays. And in the event that you achieve correctly matching the rays, then you definitely will win this round and the number of rings around the core can keep increasing in size. The simple gameplay mechanics and mp3 compatibility feature allow it to be a necessity play for all fans of our main title in question.

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