Top Games Like Atelier

Atelier video game series is a long-running Japanese Role-playing Game series dating back to 1997 with the brand new title known as Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salzburg and then is actually continually releasing the newest video game year after year or so. This amazing series has continued to wow us gamers only at Just Alternative TO including fans who love the micromanaging systems and fun turn-based combat. Leading to its greatness, Atelier titles all have amazing characters more likely than not beautiful graphics making the Atelier series one of the best JRPG series around. Though maybe you’re like us and also have played lots of the Atelier games and/or would like to try something more challenging that is similar in nature. That’s where we come to save the virtual day folks. In your case awesome people we have made a 6 Games Like Atelier list.

Similar Games to Atelier

Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

For our first game on our 6 Games Like Atelier, we evaluate Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis. Vayne Aurelius has been the son of the world’s greatest alchemist but I am not saying Vayne cares to click on his father’s footsteps. Vayne just needs to live a life clear of people having only his mana, Sulpher, at his side. However, when Vayne is invited to sign up an academy generally known as Al-Revis, this appears as she must go and be an alchemist himself. Little does this young alchemist-in-training know, his whole world is going to change once he enters his father once had.

Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia

In a fairyland there lies a huge tower where Humans and Reyvateils—created females who get connected to the tower—and are now living various sections in accordance with class. Lyner Barsett has been a knight to on the list of guardians from the tower and alongside his father, Leard Barsett, they attempt to defend the tower only when it’s suddenly hit by unknown viruses. However, neither Lyner nor Leard will be able to stop the threat mainly because it attacks the core from the tower. Ordered by tower’s administrator, Shurelia, Lyner is tasked to go to the lower quantity of a tower to look for a crystal that would stop the threat permanently. Lyner troubles continue though when he crash lands but is luckily saved by the Reyvateil in so doing begins his adventures proper…

Dark Rose Valkyrie

Over the late 1920s, something horrible happened to Japan. An odd meteorite falls towards the earth—defined as the Black Garnet—altering the path of mankind forever. The Black Garnet unleashes an odd virus that spreads changing people into creatures. Japan sets out to mobilize and fosters its own unit—Special Force Valkyrie—to annihilate the threat now being defined as Chimeras. Thus our story starts with Asahi that has just been mobilized to provide a commander of on the list of Special Force Valkyrie units. However, he will quickly be aware that among his ranks is a traitor have contracted the virus.

Stella Glow

Alto is a young amnesiac who had previously been found by the lass named Lisette and her family. Despite having no memories of his past, Alto finds his new life with Lisette in Mithra Village being an amazing calm one. However, Alto and Lisette’s peaceful days are shattered 2 witches named Hilda uses the power of song—as only witches on earth can sing—and crystallizes the villagers. Somehow though, Alto and Lisette are spared now seek a way to save their home and family designed by doomed fate. Soon Alto will discover though that his past will quickly be revealed when he learns of his hidden powers.

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

Recettear Lemongrass is there to a pickle. Being the daughter of a shopkeeper, when Recettear’s father vanishes, this class is burdened by his massive debt. Now Recettear must make her home into a product shop to commence selling goods to adventurers if sherd like avoiding having an issue with the debt collectors. Now every month Recettear must pay her fees all while occasionally required to venture into dungeons for goods to sell. Can Recettear do what her father couldn’t or will she succumb to living in a cardboard box?

Adventure Bar Story

A great adventurer needs to chow down to steel oneself against the battle ahead, this is where you come in. Adventure Bar Story has players worth spending role of a restaurant owner in a very fantasy setting. Yours is to produce amazing dishes that keep your adventures coming back for more. You need to attempt the task, though, you will need to occasionally enter dungeons to obtain materials and new recipes. Style and color. struggle, in order to be the number one restaurant for those planning to quit into battle, you best get cooking!

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