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Microsoft and Epic Games’Gears of War took the gaming world by storm in 2006. It featured highly explosive action scenes, realistic graphics, and co-op for 2 players online. It wasn’t long before other developers were aiming to generate similar games. Army of Two was one game which stepped around the plate and placed co-op front and center for the series. Taking place across various theaters of war for the warfighter duo Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios, Army of Two was EA’s bid for a third-person, cover-based, co-op shooter. While the game was sold and promoted as a two-player experience, in addition, it had an AI that could adjust and pick up the player’s tactics. Though it was highly encouraged that you bring a buddy along, it absolutely was playable solo. The overall game also had a unique flair. The funny, quirky moments where in fact the characters would take jabs at each other, designed for some brief pauses to the action. It absolutely was a solid attempt that proceeded to inspire two sequels on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Similar Games to Army of Two

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Nathan Drake is a motion hero, first and foremost. Whatever nonsense he has on his business card about being a treasure hunter is never to be believed. He might have impersonated together in the Uncharted, however, in Uncharted 2, the player left such a huge body count in his wake that John Rambo was feeling doubtful. Reuniting with old flame Chloe Frazer, Drake sparks along with his group in a pursuit of a relic of Marco Polo’s that a bloodthirsty war criminal has set his sights on. It’s Zoran Lazarevic, a person who kills people for an income, versus Nathan Drake, a man who kills people privately (en masse). Nobody was walking from this unscathed.

The Division

Following an epidemic virus circulated by tainted dollar bills during Black Friday, the United States broke on to circumstances of anarchy. As a realtor of “The Division”, you carry on a mission to restabilize New York City by getting boots on the ground. By assisting local police and quelling opportunist insurrection, you battle over the infectious streets of New York. In The Division, order and chaos are two sides of the exact same coin, and guns are the sole constant you are able to rely on.

Riot Act

Imagine becoming an unstoppable agent of justice. Capable of leaping tall buildings, driving fast cars, and shooting impossibly massive weapons. That’s the scenario that Crackdown allowed players to call home out. Safeguarding Pacific City from the technologically advanced organized crime syndicates rooted deeply within it absolutely was just the end of the iceberg.

 Just Cause

South America has been rife with conflict, and so could be the fictional world of Just Cause. Occur the fictitious nation of San Esperito, secret agent Rico Rodriguez is tasked with aiding a guerrilla war effort contrary to the country’s dictator Salvador Mendoza. Mendoza is rumored to stay possession of a system of mass destruction, and time is running out before he feels threatened to use it contrary to the populace to secure his chokehold on the country.

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Two vicious prison inmates make for an uneasy alliance in Kane & Lynch. Adam ‘Kane’Marcus awaits his death row sentencing to be carried out when he’s broken out in James Seth Lynch’s escape attempt. Afterwards, they’re faced with several criminals called The 7, who inform Kane that they have taken his wife and daughter hostage. Their demands certainly are an amount of money they allege Kane has stolen from their website, and his family will soon be killed when it is not returned within three weeks. Thus begins one big, long action heist that’ll pair the clinically insane Lynch with criminal mastermind Kane.

Gears of War 4

It’s been 25 years considering that the Locust met their extinction at the hands of Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago in the original Gears of War trilogy. Years later, the survivors of the war-ruined planet Sera continue to rebuild. JD Fenix, son of Marcus, uncovers some troubling signs of the Locust’s revival. Together, he and his allies must discover what is happening and why the planet’s most ruthless enemy has once again resurfaced from their grave.


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