Top Games Like APB

It’s just that finding a diamond that will be infused with all the spectacular attributes present in the name shining in the spotlight can be like buying needle in the haystack. However fret not, for you can find a small number of names present across the virtual scene that comes close as to you could be scouting around for. Have a peek at what every one of these options provides and whether they’re worthy replacements.

5 Games Like APB

  1. CrimeCraft

Developed by Vogster Entertainment and published by THQ, this interesting gem is an online persistent world next-generation shooter that’s occur the near future. You will be plunged right into a place where instead of governments ruling, you’ll see gangs causing anarchy and chaos. The latest massive expansion to the title namely, GangWars hit the virtual scene late 2011 and is set in the aftermath of the Bleedout Campaign. You can find ruthless groups roaming the streets by having a make an effort to rule the city that now lies in ruins.

  1. Grand Theft Auto IV

When gangs, shootouts and top speed car chases are involved, how will you ever give this particular entrant in our games much like APB roster a miss? This specific GTA installment has been keeping fans of the acclaimed franchise busy using its addictive elements such as open-world goodness, enthralling storyline, great in-game sounds and an online multiplayer mode

  1. Saints Row: The Third

From Liberty City, we now take you to the vast areas of Steel port. And needlessly to say, you will end up treated to an urban gang war that’s packed to the hilt with lots of formidable factions and loads of action. You can find 3 deadly gang groups involved with this large-scale brawl namely, the Dickers, Morningstar and Luchadores.

  1. Mafia 2

This inclusion in our APB alternative array bursts forth with fabulous elements such as hand-to-hand combat, gun fights and vehicular exploration. And as it’s likely you have already guessed by taking one look at the name, that one is filled to the brim by having an immersive gangster experience and other fun elements which come combined with the Mafia tag.

  1. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online

Craving for some online multiplayer action? Well, how about trying that one on for size? Played from a third-person perspective, this engaging title lets you take on the role of an elite Ghost and lets you wield fantastic weapons and technology. Synergy with your Ghost squad and be part of fierce 16-player online firefights.

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