Top Games like Alter Ego

Maybe you have been wishing that you could make changes to actual life just as you can certainly do in every game like Alter Ego and live only a little differently? Well, these six games expand your alternatives to so in the virtual world as they’ve similar simulation elements as this main one. If you really want to start living ‘life’to the fullest, then give these few picks a try maybe.

  • IMVU

We will begin our set of games similar to Alter Ego with this particular well-known life simulation pick that’s over the years, attracted countless members from all throughout the globe.

It is clearly no mystery as to the reasons they so many individuals join IMVU. This pick offers you so much that you can certainly do and your experience will almost be life-like as the developers took great pains to style this one with amazing 3D graphics.

  • Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House

This second version of the iconic Virtual Families game occupies the following spot within our collection. This is basically an incredible life simulation pick mostly revolving around those whose main interests are caring for their family or who just love the sensation to be responsible for someone. While the title itself suggests, here you are likely to be guiding a person to help them accept the challenges of everyday life.

  • Second Life

When you think of lifestyle games you will certainly consider this Linden Labs development, which is why we’ve added it to the set of Alter Ego alternatives for you yourself to check out.

The main feature of Second Life could be the socializing element where you can reach chat with an umpteen amount of people from different backgrounds and from all around the world.

  • Virtual Villagers

The fourth option on our list goes to the other Last Day of Work creation titled Virtual Villagers. There is a good storyline available for you yourself to pursue in this one and many series attached to it; nevertheless, the gameplay that you will see here mostly resembles any normal life simulation game. Virtual Villagers does have its unique twists as there are numerous quests and missions that you’ll require to complete in order to proceed further.

  • Harvest Moon

The following the one that can suggest in our games similar to Alter Ego roster is Harvest Moon produced by Marvelous Interactive. Here you are certain to get to reside the life of a farmer and learn all the tasks he needs to hold out in order to turn his farm into a fabulous crop-producing area.

This game will certainly give you some good indicators of how to develop and maintain your farmland. You will even gain familiarity with how to prepare the land to sow seeds and which crops you can grow.

  • The Sims 3

And last although not the least, we give you this third part of the popular Sims series within our collection. Here you create totally different individuals and shape their personalities and traits according to your liking. You are able to instruct them as to where you can go and what to do and watch their future unfold before your very eyes.

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