Top Games like Aion

Buying few games like Aion which can be found to play free of charge? Our choice of alternate choices given below can be accessed anywhere provided that you have a great internet connection. They’re filled with plenty of great quests and other adventures needed seriously to make sure you don’t stray back to ‘old habits.’

Eden Eternal

We shall start this listing of games just like Aion with Eden Eternal that will be more of an anime style 3D virtual world. In this fantasy oriented, title you will undoubtedly be playing as one of many Eternal guardians who is seemingly born out of magical crystals. Your primary purpose as a parent is to fight off monsters and other beasts that roam the Central Continent and sustain peace through the entire land.


The following option available for you yourself to play online is TERA developed by Bluehole Studio. Here’s another mystical world filled with action and adventure for all you thrill seekers. You can make from a host of different races to play as and then subsequently choose what class you would like your character to develop.

Last Chaos

This really is another fabulously designed MMORPG which we could introduce to your list. In Last Chaos, you will play the role of a hero fighting to become the absolute most powerful ruler of the lands of Iris. This pick also allows you to select which race and class of warrior you’d want play as in the realm, from all of the choices available.

RuneScape 3

RuneScape 3 is another adventure filled option that individuals can include on our roster of Aion alternatives as possible play in your browser. Your journey starts in the enormous lands of Gielinor which you may explore to your heart’s content. You can participate in quests to earn some cool loot and other rewards or even take part in PvP battles to test your gaming skills and the abilities of your character at the same time.

Fiesta Online

Fiesta Online is yet another great game that may be mentioned in this assortment of popular MMORPGs. It has some beautifully designed anime type characters as possible play as. And as seen in most RPG’s, you can get to select one particular character class. But the game also includes a special feature where you may also switch to some other class after you have attained a specific level of your character.

Runes of Magic

In Runes of Magic, a new adventure awaits you as you can get to find the magical realm of Taborea. Here you have a lot of different characters classes as possible join, where you will be able to not only use some devastating weapons but in addition take assistance from ancient magic to combat your foes.

Age of Conan

The final one we have on this list is Age of Conan created by Funcom. Here you will set about an activity-packed adventure and roam the enormous lands of Hyboria searching for challenging monster battles.

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