Top Games like Age of Mythology

When you yourself have good strategy developing skills, then you should try winning contests like Age of Mythology which require lots of strategic skill. These titles will provide you with the good quality insight of how to a great leader and command huge groups of armies. As well as all this you will even discover ways to grow a kingdom into a huge dominant nation. So, have a look at our assortment of some the greatest titles that resemble our main one here.

  • Stronghold 2

The very first option we’ve for you personally is this latest version of the Stronghold titles produced by Firefly Studios. When you yourself have the used the first part with this pick, you will immediately notice the new types of units and structures that may be integrated this one. In this pick, you are going to be building huge structures from castles to siege towers in your conquest to combat all enemy lords. You will need to have adept resource management skills as each unit or structures you build will lower your supply of materials. The developers took great pains to ensure the graphics remain as real as you possibly can to be able to give you a full medieval lord kind of feel. Your missions may have you defending your stronghold with the help of well-built defense structures and you even get tools such as for example siege works to tear down the walls or defenses of the enemy.

  • Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

Rise of Nations is the next strategy-oriented pick on our list games just like Age of Mythology which was produced by Big Huge Games. Over here you can get to play as three forms of races namely, the human Vinci, the Alien Cuotl, and the magical Alin. Each of these races has their very own unique structures and units which can be created and used to defeat an enemy race. Both main units which can be very powerful here would be the Hero and Master units that turn the tides of any battle when introduced to the battlefield. However the resources that you might want to gather out listed here are unlike some other as you will have to acquire a sufficient quantity of Wealth, Hero, Military, and Research point to build up your base and corresponding units.

  • Age of Empires III

How can we continue our list without mentioning this third installment of the popular Age of Empire series? This Ensemble Studios creation has lots to provide to all fans of RTS category. Here you can begin accumulating a tiny settlement by collecting small levels of resources and then build your establishment into a thriving economy. One cool feature noticed in this kind of version of Age of Empires of the power for you to import some critical shipments from your house town that include valuable resources, units etc. so that you do not have to spend more of your existing resources to build them. With around eight different civilizations to play as, you’ll surely find lots of entertainment and engaging gameplay, which keeps you glued to your PC screen for hours.

  • Total War: Rome II

The fourth option on our listing of Age of Mythology alternatives is Rome II brought for you by the Creative Assembly. One the new concepts noticed in this second version of Total War: Rome is the power for you to attack an area by both land and sea. During certain points in your conquests you will undoubtedly be attacking cities which can be established across the coast, if this is the case, you can attack it by a strategic combination of experiencing your armies march on land to fight the oppositions’armies and your naval marines will then support your land soldiers by attacking from the seafront. In this pick, your can explore the vast territories of other nations and carefully plan out your strategies to obtain your opponents armies. You will discover the battles unfolding in a special military movie style, as your camera allows you start to see every inch of detail of any battle that erupts between two armies.

  • The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

The Settlers is surely a favorite among any fan of the strategy genre and Paths to a Kingdom has many new aspects making it a real entertainer. First of all, you’ve a choice of winning battles in three separate forms i.e. either by military force, scientific research or trade superiority. And if you are new to the Settlers series, you won’t have any difficulty learning the strategic concepts as there’s a detailed tutorial available for you to access in the campaign mode. You will discover ways to expand and grow your settlement into a flourishing kingdom and take control other rival settlements. There’s a good multiplayer feature available here where you could combat another player’s settlement.

  • Starcraft II

And lastly, we’re proud to present Starcraft II on our listing of games just like Age of Mythology for you to check out. Unlike all the above-mentioned titles this Blizzard Entertainment creation is mostly centered on sci-fi where your wars will require the place of several types of alien planets and terrains. But as all strategic picks require resources and manpower to build a platform, here also you will have to harvest resources and unlock special units which will follow your every instruction. And since this is a sci-fi pick, you may be confident you will get many advanced weapons and gear to use within battles, no matter which of the three potent factions you select to play as.

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