Top Games Like Adventure Quest

The titles mentioned here are interesting names that’ll definitely perhaps you have engaged for hours on end. Now while most of them fall squarely within the confines of the role-playing genre, there are others that waver a little from the niche but nevertheless are enticing enough to put up the fancy of any Adventure Quest fan. All you want is a PC or laptop that’s blessed with a net connection and you’re good to go. There’s a good Nintendo DS title thrown in to the mix proper who wants to get a piece of all action while on the go.

  1. RuneScape

This browser-based fantasy MMORPG title is packed to the hilt with castles, kingdoms, clans and regions that are plucked right out from the medieval era. You’ll be bombarded with more than 150 extra quests alongside 9 extra skills to coach with. You’re called upon to create a fantastic character, something could be a results of your wild imagination, build your own personal dwelling place and even partake in 20 members-only mini-games. You can also be able to form clans comprising of only your close pals and attempt different quests and activities together. And did we mention it’s liberated to play too?

  1. Puzzle Pirates

Get ready to cry vast ye mates as your prepare to dive into this free-to-play online treat. You’ll be able to experience swashbuckling action that’s an amalgamation of adventure and puzzle fun. You can find 20 interesting puzzles in addition to plenty of goodies available here. These gems are sorted under sections such as strategy, adventure, multiplayer puzzles and single player puzzles.

  1. DragonFable

In accordance with developer and publisher Artix Entertainment, this animated fantasy role playing title is fashioned to work directly throughout your web browser. You should not download any program or software with this one. You can build your own personal charismatic character and attempt exciting journeys that are filled with the thrill of finding treasure and battling monsters.

  1. Club Penguin

This portal can be your ticket to vast confines of space where you can create, socialize and play, worry-free. There are more than 20 games to indulge in right here. Players will even customize their very own online penguin avatars and dress them up in numerous trendy treads and styles. Adopting pets and taking care of them will also be on the cards, what with plenty of adorable puffles up for grabs.

  1. Fallen Sword

‘Uncover the evolving world of Erildath,’ is the decision to arms here. The MMORPG title features a bunch of spectacular realms and enables you to take on quests either as a lone ranger or with brave friends by forming powerful guilds. And as the brains behind this endeavor reveals, the web site in question is noted to have old school multi-user dungeon aura complete with a good combat system.

  1. Dragon Quest IX

After revealing quite a small number of games just like Adventure Quest that are fashioned for the PC terrain, it’s time for you to reveal a portable console-based treat. Developed by Level-5, this iteration made its method to the Nintendo DS system just several years ago.

  1. The Crims

The free online role-playing title plunges you in to a unique and shady place called CrimCity. It is a metropolis that’s swarming with criminals, scumbags and gangsters, among other underhanded individuals. Your aim here is to earn the maximum amount of respect as you can.

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