Top Board Games for PC

Board games have now been with us for quite some time and I still remember those golden times where I would gather with my friends for a game title or two… or a night of playing! But, as we grow old, go to school, get a job and a lot of stuff to do, we can’t always gather for the most popular board games. Thankfully, when you have a PC, you are able to enjoy some of the finest games for PC. So, your job today would be to read this short article, and I’m going to do most of the heavy lifting for you personally, and present you the best PC board games. The list is below.

  1. Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator is the greatest board game ever for me. This game enables you to do literally whatever you want. You may make your own games, assemble a tower of cards, dominos or various chess figures. That’s great, right? Well, yes, but here you are able to rage-quit and flip the table if you feel aggressive! Plus, the realistic physics and sandbox enable so many possibilities that you could only drop your jaw to the floor and look with excitement. Here is the only game that’ll not punish you for raging, so feel free to do absolutely everything!

  1. Colt Express

Colt Express will be here to create you a really smart board game that’s a good story, but additionally a really good multiplayer component. Ever heard about Colt Express? It’s a famous robbery boardgame in that you simply need certainly to rob the wagons and look for various supplies. So, you’re a poor guy here and that’s awesome. I love bad guys! But, you aren’t alone here as you’ll have to carefully manage and rethink your steps in order to win. This game waits for you to pick it up and it’s only a couple of bucks. Rock on, boys.

  1. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is really a quite simple game to learn and play, but damn hard to master. Here, you will build railroads across America and complete particular routes in order to set down the tracks before your opponents. If you are thinking about the overall game, you are able to take a look at its DLC where you are able to play in one other countries besides America. It is rather fun to play and supports two to five players at once. You understand what to do; organize a game title and kick their ass!

  1. Monopoly Plus

Ignore your Monopoly at home. It’s bland and it isn’t inspirational at all. This game is all you want for having plenty of fun. Monopoly Plus is about building your city and be smart in regards to finances. Along with that, the overall game features some beautiful graphics and animations that will really offer you a look at what you’ve built through your gameplay. It even supports LAN play, so you can now play with your family when you have multiple PC.

  1. Faeria

Faeria is a free-to-play top-down game with cartoonish artwork. However, its fantasy settingmakes the overall game really interesting and eye-appealing. Faeria is really a game filled with challenges and will embark you on a trip to defeat the Emperor of Mimast with interesting levels and Limited Boss Battle mode. If you want games, but additionally a great story and adventure, then Faeria is for you. I’m sure it’ll provide you with lots of fun and it costs nothing to use it.

  1. Mansion of Madness

A year ago, Mansion of Madness was launched and it’s here for the pure H.P. Lovecraft fans. I’ve never seen a board game this good and this dark. This game is all about solving a puzzle by conducting some investigation as you go along, and it’s based directly on H.P. Lovecraft writing. The goal here is to basically explore several locations to unveil a certain mystery. As this can be a board game, you’ll play with two to five friends, which makes the overall game more immersive. Oh, did I forget to state that it’s totally free?

  1. Card Hunter

Another free game is Card Hunter. Surely, this game will not blow you away with its graphics, but it’ll provide you with a good number of fun. It’s about cards here and the overall game is based on classic tabletop RPGs. The good thing here is that you could play versus AI, if you aren’t that skillful, you’ll still have an area to progress. Playing a singleplayer campaign never felt so refreshing in this kind of game, and multiplayer is reserved for the most skilled players. And do you know what? I’m not one of them!

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