Top Best Word Processor Apps for iPad

These best word processor apps for iPad try to replace what the Apple tablet lacks. Ability to see, create and edit documents on the iPad not merely adds to your productivity but in addition gives you the freedom to work away from home, while ensuring comfortable operation. To produce it effective at taking over the functionality of PCs, it must be laden up with some tools, which are available on a single touch through the iTunes. So continue reading to understand more about these word processors.

  1. Pages For iPad

Described as one of the very beautiful word processors created for mobile devices, this application is compatible with iCloud. So alongside creating and editing documents on the iPad, you can also access them on other Apple devices including the iPhone and iPod. Additionally it enables you to open Word documents and plain text files along side allowing you to import files directly from the net, mails, Mac and PCs.

  1. iA Writer

The keyboard extension feature simplifies typing in text and supports navigation through arrow keys. Also, it enables you to insert punctuation marks and never having to switch keyboards. When you can concentrate on a single sentence utilizing the FocusMode, undoing a certain mistake is really as simple as swiping two fingers over the screen.

  1. GoDocs for Google Docs

This application is basically meant to see and edit your documents saved on Google Docs onto your Apple iPad. As well as letting you read and edit documents and spreadsheets, the GoDocs can also be compliant with music and video files saved on the Google cloud. You can share files in formats like PDF or mail documents, images, audio or video files through it. Furthermore, you can also launch a research on the app to truly save through to time and access saved data from multiple Google accounts. And if your access to the web is just for a limited time, simply download the files and save them on the slate for later use. The app supports both, the landscape along with the portrait mode.

  1. Quickoffice Pro HD

Next through to our lineup of word processor apps for iPad could be the Quickoffice Pro HD that will be especially intended for enterprise users. Be it editing a word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation or saving files in the PDF format, this application for the iPad is available in quite handy. Some other applications of its ilk are limited to some or the other cloud services, it boasts of integration with services like Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, Evernote, Catch, MobileMe, Google Docs, Egnyte and some more.

  1. Documents to Go

Documents to Go is another business oriented application allowing users to easily access and edit Microsoft documents on the Apple slates for eleventh hour correction on the move. The recent updates to the app have improved the operation with the addition of features like full screen SlideShow, better slide navigation and bug fixes. Obviously, similar to other word processor applications, this also allows editing a wide variety of formats including the normal ones like Word, Excel, PDF, Powerpoint and more.

  1. Daedalus Touch

Pretty distinctive from all the other applications chalked on our list of word processor apps for iPad, the Daedalus Touch is sans the technical aspects and features stacks of papers as opposed to folders and files. It is sold with attributes like character along with word count and is considered apt for large documents with over 20,000 words. The customizable app lets you choose the font and color which also contains a black mode for typing at night.

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