Top Best Typing Games

We’ve got best typing games lineup up below to help you build-up speed and boost your input skills. Among the hardest elements of using a keyboard is knowing which alphabet is situated where and learning the positioning of every letter could be a tedious job. Well, with the titles we’ve rounded up, learning how to type quicker will be a satisfying experience. Not only will you be able to increase your WPM (words per minute) input, but additionally put your skills to the test in challenging objectives. Just so you knew, these games are quite simple.

Magic Library

We’re starting off with a subject that’s created for those knowledgeable about the keyboard layout. The objective of Magic Library is very easy – All you want to do is hit the right keys to match the letters as they fall down. You’ll need to stop letters from hitting the ground. Every right key you hit earns you points, while random or wrong key press will decrease your score. Extra points can be earned by completing magical scrolls that appear randomly in levels. The main goal is to gather at least two candles to be able to proceed to the following level. You will find three difficulty modes available, namely easy, medium and hard, albeit you can expect to challenge even on easy.

Spacebar Invaders

Remember Space Invaders, the 1978 arcade where you shoot down aliens before they land in the world? Well, if you do and like it as much as we do, you’d be glad knowing that Spacebar Invaders is a version of the classic title. The scary 8-bit aliens have been replaced with goofier looking ones and rather than shooting missiles at your base, these creatures will only descend at a slow pace. To defeat them, you’ll need to input the proper words or letters shown below each alien. You earn points for every right word and bonuses can be earned on UFOs which swiftly fly by the screen. The title offers lots of levels and different difficulty settings.


If you enjoy titles like Candy Crush or match the color and the likes, then Keybricks could enable you to get addicted to for a lengthy time. The objective here is to destroy all bricks from the screen. To take action, you should have to enter the letters shown within the blocks. Individuals with matching color which are grouped together will disappear at the same time. Points are awarded for destroying bricks and the more you sign up for with just one keystroke, the more score you receive. Hitting the incorrect key will decrease your points and you’ll only be able to destroy single bricks 5 times after which it, its game over.

Spider Typer

Spider Typer is a game designed for beginners and even expert types. Berry the spider is attempting to flee the chameleons and avoid becoming lunch. It’s your objective to ensure the critters don’t eat the little spider. To eradicate the chameleons, you should have to type out the letters or words located on their backs. As you progress in levels, the number of enemies will multiple and even change color. Blue needs 1 letter, while purple and orange need 2 and 3 words, respectively. You will find easy, medium and hard settings and you’ll receive 3 lives.


Like Spacebar Invaders, KeyMan is also a version of a well known classic arcade title. This release is on the basis of the ever so famous PacMan, but with a twist. The gameplay is pretty much the same – You gather all yellow coins and avoid running into monsters. However, navigating around the maze isn’t easy as left, right, up and down movements are assigned to random buttons on the keyboard and they change after each and every press. You obtain 3 lives and you can modify the control keys to add only alphabets and number or both together for a tough experience.


If you believe that you’re very good at typing and wish to challenge others to a battle, then Typeracer is merely that which you need. This game is as simple because it gets – It puts you facing 4 other players from over the globe which is selected at random. You then race to the finish by typing out a small paragraph with a target to finish the sentences prior to the others. The title urges you to use proper punctuation and your car won’t proceed if you’ve made a mistake or forgot to enter a space between words. At the end of the race, an average WPM count is provided to exhibit status amongst your competitors and there’s a leaderboard as well, where the greatest performers are featured. You can even take part used runs or invite friends to race with.

Air Typer

Last on the list is Air Typer where you’ve to blast balloons along with your fighter plane. The target is to destroy all objects by entering the right letters or words. Some balloons need you to type multiple words to take them down and occasionally, you should have to face single letter balloons that move at a quick pace. To accomplish an amount, a certain amount of miles needs to be covered and you can miss a total of 3 balloons before its game over. Besides these, there’s also a zapper which may be used to destroy all opponents on the screen.

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