Top Best Tycoon Games for PC

Today we are likely to be discussing tycoon games. I love tycoon games, I really love the running, managing. Building and overlooking of things. I spend hours building and creating tycoon worlds and thought I’d tell you most of my personal favorite tycoon games. They are in no particular order, though some I do prefer over others and I’ll declare that inside their descriptions! I have was able to find a very good deals online and have left the hyperlink with each game too so if you are looking to buy you may find a discount with each game.

  1. Roller coaster Tycoon 3

I had to add this classic tycoon game, I have played it for years and years and no matter where I go in life I always come running back once again to it. To be able to create your personal theme park detailed with food stands, prices, souvenirs, rides, fences and even employees. I find it so much fun and a game that will never get old to me. I have played each roller coaster tycoon (1, 2 , 3 and 4) and I uphold anyone that says tycoon 3 is the best and not just because of all of the happy memories I had growing up. Roller coaster tycoon 3 is current, doesn’t crash, there are no micro-transactions and it just works so well.

  1. Project Highrise

I’m discussing Project Highrise. You’re able to build and manage your personal skyscrapers and build an unbelievable high-rise city. You’re in charge as you build and overlook everything, keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently as possible, you should build as an architect the most effective buildings in the city.

  1. Total War: Rome II: Rome Campaign

I find this game to be slightly more ‘stressful ‘as there is a massive war going on. You must fight to produce Rome an empire, using politics, economics and obviously lots of war. It’s not really a light-hearted game like rollercoaster tycoon but when you intend to create a fantastic army, have slaves and dominate potentially the world…it’s for you.

  1. Tropico

Obviously, I am discussing Tropico. In the event that you aren’t familiar with the game it’s a tycoon game where you should complete missions, decide the continuing future of your islands people, have relations with other countries, choose your people’s quality of life, help during natural disasters, trade and so much more. I also LOVE the option of being able to decide if you will be a corrupt government or not…

  1. Sim City!

Complete tasks, build a town however you prefer, import and export, and create jobs and even little things like museums and seaside resorts. You have even to focus on the little details like fire stations and pollution radius. Sim city is so easy to play but so much fun, it has to be certainly one of my personal favorite tycoon games. It’s pretty addicting and staying in touch your people’s happiness and upgrading constantly is so thrilling.

  1. Architect

This game is known as ‘prison architect ‘. It’s so loved by tycoon lovers worldwide and it’s easy to understand why. You build, overlook and manage a prison crammed with criminals. Build toilets, prison cells, prison blocks, a canteen, somewhere they could get patched up after having a prison fight, an outside area and so much more. This game enables you to be responsible for regulations as part of your prison, build your prison however you decide on, just know hours of fun await.

  1. Mad Games Tycoon

Emerge the 80’s you create your personal game studio starting in a small garage. Continue building and upgrading your staff to reach new heights in your business. Build your dream game company from the ground up and feel rewarded by watching it grow.

  1. Game Dev Tycoon

As an individual who dabbled with only a little game development, personally I think in-love with the idea of this game. I think, this really is invaluable tycoon game, but it’s a little dissimilar to the games above, this doesn’t have must of a build aspect, it’s more of a press and play. You build games, using clever deals and decide whether you’re planning to function as the limited resources you have at the start on graphics, sound, story, etc. The more successful your games are the more you can upgrade your working environment, the more awesome people you can employ, the greater your games become.

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