Top Best Two Player Android Games

There are lots best two player Android games on the Play store, but we’ve shortlisted our personal favorites for you personally today. These titles are made to support multiplayer over a data connection or Bluetooth, owing to that you simply and a buddy can compete keenly against each other in a variety of kinds of releases as well as play together in co-operation. We’ve specifically found challenging and competitive games with this roster that you and a buddy are going to enjoy playing.

2 Player Reactor

One common argument amongst two friends is who the better one is. Well, 2 Player Reactor could just help answer that question. This release includes reaction games for two different people and they could be played for a passing fancy device. There are now 18 mini-games bundled and the developer notes that much more will undoubtedly be added in the future.

Battleship 2

Remember the famous Battleship game? Well, this puzzle solving title has landed on Android in multiple versions. Battleship 2 from developer Byril is very unique from the countless variants on the Play store. Instead of high-quality graphics, this release features simple hand-drawn graphics along with competitive gameplay.

Worms 2: Armageddon

If you’ve enjoyed playing Worms against others over LAN, then you can expect the same experience on devices running Google’s mobile OS as well. Worms 2: Armageddon is a turn-based release where your goal is to blast your opponents off the map or until they’re dead. To take action, you obtain an array of wacky weapons which include sentry gun, electromagnet, napalm strike, super sheep, petrol bomb, Armageddon, pneumatic drill, earthquake and poison strike amongst others.

Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks is another PC classic that’s one of the very most enjoyable and challenging releases of its time. Here, you are able to either challenge another player or the AI to a duel. The title puts you and your opponents in random terrains full of mountains and trenches. The goal is hitting your opponent with several types of weapons which amount to 110 in total.

SNES Together

If you’ve lived through the 90’s then you may have owned or at the least played on a SNES. This Nintendo-made hardware gave rise to an of the most used franchises and many extremely enjoyable two-player games. Well, because of the SNES Together emulator for Android, you can enjoy those classic titles with a buddy on Android.


The 1985 classic Tank 1990 has been ported to Android and it’s readily available for free. Originally developed by Namco, this title offers old school 8-bit graphics and it puts you as well as the second player against an army of tanks in a destructible world.

Draw Something

To play games with friends normally would mean to devote time and compete keenly against each other. Well, that isn’t the case with Draw Something. Here, both players don’t have to be in the title at the same time frame to savor its offerings. In reality, you can enjoy your turn whenever desired.

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