Top Best Texting Apps For Android

Texting apps for Android offer reliability and relaxation for you and specially your own smartphone, also removes the default SMS app. Honestly, the default SMS app Android provides is not up to the standards. SMS has better substitutes in instant messengers such as for instance WhatsApp and Telegram. However, you will find still instances when you need to send an MMS or SMS. As an example, when you may not have access to Web connection, or you need to utilize those unlimited texts your supplier has offered.

1. Google Messenger

Google Messenger is a Google invention which initially came with the Nexus 5. It resembles Hangouts but has a better user interface. The app loads faster than your regular texting app and is straightforward to navigate. You can record audios, send images, and send messages within the app. Download this worthy and best texting app for free if you want better texing speed and be pleased about basic Material Design UI.

2. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is the absolute most comprehensive third party texting apps for android.It’s been on the market for such a long time and has made lots of improvements to its UI. It’s essential top features of any texting app such as blacklists, quick reply pop-up, passcode locks, and emojis. It’s customization options and theme pack other apps should envy. You can get it for free on Google Play Store.

3. EvolveSMS

EvolveSMS is a Google-inspired free texting app.EvolveSMS has smart watch compatibility and supports multimedia messages including GIFs. Automatically, the app has a beautiful orange theme. You can swap the default theme for a theme from the customization pack, that you have to buy. There are plenty of customization options. It is one of the reliable texting apps for Android which enables their users to swipe between conversations.


QKSMS is an intuitive best free texting app for Android. It has a Material Design and strictly follows Android design guidelines. Here, a style resembles the default texting app, but with further properties such as night mode theme, floating notifications, MMS, group texting, search, and an accumulation attractive themes. QKSMS is free for download but has a few in-app purchases to improve an individual experience.

5. Textra SMS

Textra SMS appears with this list since it is a extremely fast texting app. It has a sleek Material Design and flawless navigation. You can easily customize it from the countless theme packs it offers. You can change font size, quickly reply to messages through the pop-up feature or utilize the small window tool. It allows you to mute some conversations and change colors of emojis. This 4.4-rated app is free for download in the Play Store.

6. Mighty Text add-on

Mighty Text is definitely an add-on as opposed to an SMS app. I have decided to wear it the list as it improves the texting experience. Mighty Text add-on allows you to receive and reply texts via your computer. Mighty Text is an important tool for text messaging apps for Android. The add-on has features such as for instance Backup and Restore for SMS data. You can get it on play store.

7. Handcent Next SMS

Since its Invention in 2010, Handcent Next has taken amazing SMS features to Android devices. The app has advanced customization features and hundreds of themes and skins to provide your SMS experience a great look. The app syncs SMS data to its Cloud servers. Handcent Anywhere is really a feature that enables users to send and receive SMS from other devices like, PCs and Tablets. In addition, it includes a Privacy Box where you can password-protect personal messages from snoopers. Set it up from Google play.

8. Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro is the greatest texting app for Android once you factor in customization. The Go Dev Team is famous in the Google Play Store due to the incredible apps including the Go Launcher. Go SMS Pro is free for download and comes packed with a large number of themes. Other features include private box, delay-to-send, Go chat, and Back and Restore to the cloud. The app is appropriate for Dual-SIM Android devices.

9. My SMS

MySMS is one of many texting apps for android that supports sending messages directly from a computer. It includes a cloud that sync SMS data across your devices. It supports MMS, message scheduling, and message export and backup. The app packs an impressive feature that allows you to connect it to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote. It posseses an affordable premium version. By visiting play store, you can install this friendly application free of cost.

10. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger resembles online internet alike messengers such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp. In case you are wondering why it is with this list think about this; it works on a telephone number basis and sends an SMS just in case your recipient does not need the app. The app features an end-to-end encryption, thus suitable for folks who value privacy and security. It includes a great Material Design and supports open source. You can make group chats like some other messenger, and it supports phone calls.

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