Top Best ‘Split Screen Games’ For PC

Today we’ve brought you some of the greatest split screen games which can be much more enjoyable with someone by your side. You are able to high five them, swear at them or even have an agreeable tussle using them, as they sit and play right beside you all the while. Now you can find games that have their entire campaigns playable in split-screen, and then you can find those that contain co-op specific content all of the times directed at cashing in on a bigger audience. We’re likely to omit the latter ones from the list, and give you a lowdown on those titles that allow you to play their story modes with your friends by your sides. So without wasting any more time on the introduction, let’s have a go through the best options available.

7 Best Split Screen games

  1. Resident Evil 6

Released just in the beginning of the month, Resident Evil 6 is a title filled with really long hours of diverse experiences. As most of us know, the Resident Evil franchise is all about a zombie-outbreak and what sort of select couple of characters tackles it. This sixth main entry to the series contains three large scenarios which take place in a tied storyline, each with their own distinct design.

  1. Left 4 Dead 2

Teamwork is a leading aspect in determining how you fare in Left 4 Dead 2 that has been released to wide critical acclaim in 2009. It is just a first-person shooter with survival horror elements which again has you killing zombies as a band of four survivors of an undead apocalypse. Although four-player co-op can be acquired, double-screen play is limited by two gamers only.

  1. Gears of War 3

By far, among the greatest types of what third-person shooting gameplay should end up like is Gears of War 3. It creates gunfights a really delightful experience as a result of its finesse in the department. This third title in the series marks an end to the story arc of the trilogy. Gears of War 3 enables you to play its entire campaign in cooperative fashion with local double-screen support only for two folks.

  1. Army of Two: The 40th Day

Now here’s a title that cannot really be fully enjoyed if played alone. As its name implies, this title has been directed at co-op enthusiasts who enjoy two-player experiences. Along having its entire story mode, its competitive multiplayer too has been built having its concentrate on cooperative play.

  1. Resistance 3

Released in September a year ago, Resistance 3 is a wonderfully crafted post-apocalyptic FPS which deserves each and every little bit of praise that it has been showered with. This title makes its way into our roster based solely on its incredibly enjoyable gameplay.

  1. Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach is series-creator Bungie’s final title in the series, and its efforts to leave the reigns of the franchise with a return are evident in most little bit of the game. Halo: Reach is just a thoroughly polished title which takes no prisoners while delivering you some of the greatest first-person shooter gameplay you’ll ever experience. It enables you to indulge in its entire campaign with someone by your side.

  1. Borderlands 2

Last in our compilation is Borderlands 2, Gearbox Software’s excellent offering which is creating waves right now. The same as Left 4 Dead 2, this title too has been built from the floor up for co-op play, and can be best enjoyed when not played alone.

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