Top Best Skateboard Games

Prepare to nose-slide into the very best skateboard games which provide you with familiar fun on an electronic ramp. Step in to the shoes of varied pro skateboarders and shred through different venues performing a variety of tricks. Try your hand at dangerous stunts like an ollie, kickflip, nosegrind, tailgrab, railslide and switch stance. What’s more, you’ll be able to execute all these moves without even fretting about breaking any bones or splattering blood all over the sidewalk. What might be tough for you really to do in real life could be successfully executed in-game, with only a little finger practice, of course.

7 Best Skateboard Games

  1. Skate 3

Skate 3 is looked upon as the third and final installment in the acclaimed Skate series that’s produced by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. It hit the Xbox 360 and PS3 terrain just a few years back and transported players to the fictional city of Port Carverton, a location that promotes skateboarding. Here, you can form your ultimate skate team, indulge in new challenges and even compete in battles against rival teams.

  1. Tony Hawk’s Project 8

The Tony Hawk series has taken forth a truck load of games, each with their own individual unique features. In reality, we’ve also included a few them within our lineup. Tony Hawk’s Project 8 aka THP8 comes filled with a brand new gameplay engine, detailed character animations, a bail mode, a brand new physics system and even the capacity to place rails and ramps across the city.

  1. Touchgrind

Contemplating heelflips and shuvits while at a company meeting or college lecture? Well, you can satisfy this craving simply by taking out your iDevice and hitting the Touchgrind icon. Based on the maker, it requires just 10 minutes to know but weeks to master. True physics simulation and innovative finger controls enable you to execute stunning tricks like crooks, boardslides, kickflips, impossible, ollies, smithgrinds, 50-50 and tailslides.

  1. Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground

As we revealed earlier, here’s another Tony Hawk that’s prepared to grace our array. Published by Activision, Proving Ground hit the scene after Project 8 and included several new top features of its own such as for example Nail the Grab and Nail the Manual. Gamers can chalk out their own stories and characters based on the paths they skate and the style opted by them.

  1. Skater Nation

From the house of Gameloft comes a diamond that enables skateboard enthusiasts wielding an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad to speed through 10 different environments and never having to leave the comfort of the seat. Shred through residential areas, beaches and skate parks in Skater Nation. You can even select from 8 skateboarders and fashion your own personal ride via the in-game Skate Shop.

  1. Skate 2

Sliding next into our roster is Skate 2. The overall game released more than 3 years ago and hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 systems. The events in this installment take place half a decade after the first Skate title. While Skate 3 transported players to Port Carverton, its predecessor enabled gamers to skate around New San Vanelona, a location that’s just recovering from a mystical disaster.

  1. Stickman Skater

Strap in to the helmet and elbow pads of only a little stickman skater as you try to produce a term for yourself by executing the very best tricks and most stunning stunts. Crafted for iOS- and Android-powered devices, Stickman Skater comprises of 6 different in-game skaters along with 2 control modes namely, beginner and advanced.

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