Top Best Sites Like Etsy

The 8 sites like Etsy encourage uniqueness. They help creative individuals sell their innovative products on an international platform as well as aid others in finding the very best handmade items to purchase online. Through Etsy, you’re treated to a treasure chest of handicrafts and vintage goods, and might even get in touch with the makers, curators and other buyers in an endeavor to locate objects that tantalize your every desire. Here are a few great options that enable you to really get your hands on some fine deals so keep reading to find out more.

8 Sites Like Etsy

  1. Folksy

Folksy, a website which was founded in 2008, deals with modern British craft items and even introduces hobbyists, professionals and designers to a main-stream audience where their business can flourish. Claiming to be always a better host than costly boutique shops and galleries, your website encourages small scale production and handmade goods. And besides offering special sections for girls, men, weddings, children and others, there’s also a category focused on ‘Gifts under £25.’ This is a great spot to go to especially when you yourself have just a few bucks in your wallet but nevertheless wish to splurge on something exclusive. You may even create your dream handmade wedding through Folksy.

  1. ArtFire

Fancy some jewelry crafted out of bone? Well, take a peek at another inclusion in our sites much like Etsy array. ArtFire made its presence felt across the web in 2008 and is noted to be an on line marketplace for handmade products. What can you expect whenever you foray onto your website? Well, you will discover lots of diverse and unique items which are crafted by various talented artisans from throughout the globe.

  1. DaWanda

Once you come to DaWanda, you’ll be bombarded with a platter of customized and handmade products as well as the ability to offer your creations if you’ve been bitten by the artistic bug. It is also a place where designers, creative individuals and artists from all across the entire world meet, greet, socialize and share ideas with each other. You may even compare notes with buyers and sellers via this spot itself. What’s more, DaWanda is the one stop go shopping for acquiring handcrafting supplies like accessories, beads and fabrics. Once you register, you’ll get your own personal ‘My DaWanda space through which you may view all your purchases, buy DaWanda vouchers, order merchandise and access your Favorite Shops and Pin boards.

  1. Misi

Since its launch in late October 2008, your website known simply as Misi has garnered the interest of several keen sellers and buyers each month. Showcasing creative, handmade goods like patriotic boots, honey bee earnings and a bicycle wheel clock, this entrant in our Etsy alternatives roster has sub-categories that read as fashion, bath and beauty, jewelry, gifts, food, wedding cards, supplies and even vintage items that date back in terms of the pre-1920s. Looking out for an apt and unique gift for your parent’s wedding anniversary or your best friend’s baby shower celebration? Well, Misi has unique, personalized solutions that only scream ‘style.’

  1. iCraft

Just whilst the name suggests, iCraft hoards a lot of ‘one-of-a-kind’ items which are all handmade for others to purchase. Striding onto the virtual plain tagged with the line ‘Creativity without Borders,’ this program caters perfectly to all those internet surfers who’re passionate about all things handmade. It is also a good platform for selling unique pieces of handicrafts to a broad audience without even breaking a sweat. And besides just displaying ready-made merchandise online, you can also accept requests for custom orders. A number of the categories featured here include bath and body, clothing, accessories, jewelry, artwork, toys and games, crafts and home décor.

  1. MadeitMyself

‘Think it, ensure it is, and sell it’s the decision to arms at MadeitMyself. The creator urges visitors to ‘turn your hobby into a small business.’ You will be spoiled for choice with an array of sections that include bags and purses, around the house, art, plants, supplies, needlecraft, music, metal work, clothing, kids creations, candles, jewelry, furniture and glass work. The online marketplace lets you zero in on splendid collector’s items; no need to stroll down to craft fairs or travel to exotic places. And in terms of sellers are concerned, all your wares will be showcased on an international scale, something local expos and such just cannot replace.

  1. Bonanza

Bonanza enters our sites similar Etsy lineup with the tagline ‘everything however the ordinary.’ So you can expect such things as antiques, purses, memorabilia, clothing, jewelry and collectibles that radiate with a specific type of uniqueness. The developer of the website has created an on line marketplace which focuses on products that individuals are passionate about. You can go to the virtual online store called Bonanzas, flick through hand-picked items and even negotiate in real time. There’s also accessories, collectables and clothing items for ladies and gents along with gifts for pretty much any occasion.

  1. ShopHandmade

Handmade items are personal, unique and special. And that’s precisely what you’ll receive when you access ShopHandmade throughout your PC or notebook. Do you have a knack to make holiday ornaments or snazzy jewelry pieces? Well, you’ll surely find a number of buyers who could shout out ‘shut up and take my money’ once they see your crafty creations. And if you wish to purchase a deal of interesting handmade handicrafts for presenting them compared to that special someone, well you’ll manage to find a complete picnic basket of goodies which will surely suit your every need.

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