Top Best Scrabble Apps For iPad

For one, it boasts of incorporating a large 9.7 inches touchscreen, which when placed on to the floor or table, proves to become a perfect replacement for the particular Scrabble board. In place of worrying about the tiles going astray on the physically plain, you may be sure that their app counterparts will stay firmly intact on the virtual terrain. When you own an iPad and are searching for some mental action, read on to understand more in regards to the acme choices which are up for grabs.

6 Best Scrabble Apps For iPad

Scrabble for iPad

Electronic Arts has taken it on themselves to recreate the classic family-oriented board game for various devices. They have adapted the Scrabble title for the iPad and infused it with new HD-quality graphics as well as other exclusive features. Along with stunning visuals, it also incorporates entertaining animations and sound effects to further enable you to get into the gameplay mood.

Words With Friends HD

Another inclusion inside our Scrabble apps for iPad roster is Words With Friends HD, which is specially optimized for the Apple tab screen. And if you think you’d have to run through an extensive rule book before hitting the virtual board, we suggest one to perceive otherwise. Simple and familiar gameplay elements are everything you can expect to be bombarded with in Words With Friends HD.


Unlike the former pair, the Wordfeud app could be procured directly on your Apple slab without ponying up a single penny. While Words With Friends HD allowed one to play up to 20 games at one go, this particular entrant offers you 10 more opportunities to engage in gameplay with friends or random opponents. The aim of the title is very simple. All you have to accomplish is put on your own thinking cap and form words across the 15 x 15 tile board which is littered with Double Letter, Triple Letter, Double Word and Triple Word tiles. And if you get fed up with the same special tile positions, you can yell, ‘surprise me’and always opt for the random board option which mixes up the lot. You can even enter deep or light conversations along with your opponents.


Another noteworthy contender inside our Scrabble apps for iPad lineup is SpellStacker. This game would end up being worth your every dime particularly if you think you’re a phrase game pro. It contains various attributes like the timer mode, solitaire mode and person-to-person mode. You can tap the competitive persona in you by pitting yourself against the established leaderboard scores. However, you’ll have to resort to special tactics to be able to challenge the present champions. There is also an integral dictionary as well as complete play histories, 4-player online modes, drop down tips, user stats, a 3D board and even an integral morale booster embedded within the game.

Abble Dabble HD

For just under a dollar, you will get your hands on the Abble Dabble HD app which is claimed to be something similar to ‘yoga for the mind,’ by the creator. It forays onto the scene complete with lots of fun features offering Moving Bonus Tiles as well as Random Bonus Tile and Sandbox modes, among others. All good words that sprout from your brain onto the board get drenched in a green hue. You’re allowed to play up to 25 games simultaneously and with up to 4 players against pals or random opponents.

Angry Words

No, the Angry Words game doesn’t involve you hurling letters or tiles at your opponents. Also called Apalabrados, this multi-user word game portrays an intuitive interface and lets you rope in all your pals for indulging in a phrase frenzy. Unlike additional titles featured in our Scrabble apps for iPad array, this particular application exists for free of cost. The embedded game animations also permit you to see all the recent moves created by your opponent. Furthermore, it supports various languages such as for instance Spanish, French, German, English and Italian to appeal to ardent fans on a global scale.

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