Top Best Prank Apps For Android

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People try different things to create a look on the friend’s face. Some individuals have a great sense of humor, others employ pranks to create people laugh. Ahead of the smartphone revolution, people used objects to play a prank on someone. These applications are meant just for fun. If you’re trying to find such applications, go through the following paragraphs where you’ll find a very good prank apps for 2018.

Exploding Time Bomb for Android

With this specific application, you are able to convert your cellular phone right into a fake time bomb. The prank app shows a time bomb and a switch to activate its timer. You have to tap on the timer button to activate the bomb. When the timer stops counting, the app plays an exploding bomb animation and adds broken glass effect to your handset. This prank app has superb animations.

Cockroach in Phone Prank

If your spouse, husband, or sibling is afraid of cockroaches and you’re getting excited about playing a prank on him/her, download this app. You are able to configure the app to show cockroaches crawling on your phone’s screen after a certain time interval. The prank app has the choice to show cockroaches on the screen immediately when you tap on the button it displays on the notification bar.

Spider in Phone

Many of us freak on seeing a spider within our room or on our stuff. Spider is one of many weirdest insects on our planet. If you intend to play a spider prank, download this application on your mobile. The app provides realistic animation. It is 9 megabytes large and works on all versions of Android.

Fake Money scanner Prank app for Android

The cash scanner can be an Android application which uses the phone’s camera to simulate a money scanner machine. If you place a currency note in front of the trunk camera, and tap on the start button on the interface of the app, you’ll see one of many following two results: Fake. Original. The app includes a nice scanning animation. It saves a picture of the currency note on your phone.

Broken Screen : Best Prank apps

BS is one of the finest prank apps on the Google Play store. You are able to configure this application to activate broken glass effect when the consumer touches the screen or shakes the device.

Prankster : Prank call app for Android

Prankster is one of the finest apps for making prank calls. Before building a call, this application allows you to pay attention to the conversation that will take place between your friend and the system. The application shows a set of the prank call scenarios and displays two buttons beside them. Tap on the green button to create a prank call. Prankster application allows you to define a caller ID or use prankster provided numbers, by which the call must be placed. The app supports free calls. It is easy to use.

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