Top Best Pet Apps And Games for iOS & Android

Pet apps, also referred to as virtual pet apps, are some of the very fun games on the market for children. Pet apps are becoming so popular through the years that numerous different types of pet apps have popped up around iOS and Android. With your pet apps, you can basically take care of an electronic pet. You are able to feed your pet, play with your pet, sometimes your pet will talk to you, and you can also bathe your pet. These pets often start off as an infant, and then as time passes get bigger as you play together and feed them.

Top 6 Pet Apps in 2017

My Horse

If you adore horses, then you definitely will love My Horse, which can be obtained free of charge on iOS and Android. My Horse is one of the best pet apps on the market since this app lets you have and also take care of a dog horse. You’ll feed your horse, groom your horse, and also give your horse treats and other cool items. If you should be someone that enjoys horses but cannot actually own one, then that is an app that gives you the virtual experience.

Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat is one of the best pet apps available, and is also one of the very popular. Talking Tom Cat is a free app for both Android and iOS. This app lets you just take care of a dog cat. Talking Tom will repeat what you say in a particular voice, and he may even answer your touch.

Fish Tycoon Lite

Fish Tycoon Lite is a free app for iOS and Android that is one of the best pet apps on the market right now. This game is a bit different than most of the other pet games because we are speaking about a fish. With this app, you can breed various virtual fish.

Tap Pet Hotel

Tap Pet Hotel can also be on our list for best pet apps available right now. Tap Pet Hotel can be obtained free of charge on iOS and that is an app that was manufactured by Pocket Gems. With Tap Pet Hotel, you can both breed pets and raise pets. You try this to attempt to make your hotel one of the best destinations in the world.

Papaya Pet Paradise

Papaya Pet Paradise is one of the best pet apps on the market, and this app is completely free on Android. This is both an electronic pet app and a cultural app because you can play with your pals and chat together as you play along with your virtual pet. You will find over 30 million people using Papaya Pet Paradise, which means you will have a way to find new friends and socialize by using this app.

Egg Baby

Lastly, on our set of best pet apps is Egg Baby, which can be obtained free of charge on both iOS and Android. It is a cute virtual pet video game because it contains eggs. You are able to dress up your pet egg, along with feed the egg, and bathe the egg. You also will have to ensure you put your egg during intercourse for the night while he needs sleep to be healthy. The eggs can play mini-games with you, read books, and also play dress-up.

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