Top Best Navigation Apps for Android

Modern people are far more mobile than ever! We are keen on travelling and looking for new places to really have a sit down elsewhere, buy groceries or perhaps hang out. However, sometimes we may get lost or perhaps don’t know where you should go and what is the shortest way to the destination. Luckily for us, we could always stay on course with help of the navigations app!

5 Best Navigation apps for Android

  1. Google Maps

The app was exclusively created by Google over a decade ago and was officially launched in 2007. During this time, the business hasn’t abandoned this project, constantly adjusting it to the users’ requests. Now Google Maps could be the absolute leader among navigation apps for Android. It’s the highest quantity of downloads – over 1 billion! This popularity is completely tenable: the app has got the user-friendly and intuitive interface, it’s quite accurate and easy to use.

  1. Waze

It means the app gathers real-time data from open sources by analyzing Waze users ‘behavior and their reports regarding traffic jams, accidents, road repairing and other circumstances that could cause troubles while you drive. Waze is also noted for its add-ons, which can make the driving process easier and more comfortable. For instance, you are able to integrate your Facebook and Foursquare friends to Waze or get the newest informative data on gasoline prices along your route.

  1. Maps.Me

Maps.Me is another example of an easy and free navigation app. However, it’s quite different from Google Maps and Waze that we have already reviewed. The key idea behind Maps.Me is to provide users with offline navigation. After installing the app, you will be agreed to download the map of your country or city and then use it if you want even without the mobile internet or Wi-Fi access.

  1. Sygic GPS Navigation

This navigation app for Android successfully combines online real-time tracking with the possibility to download maps for the offline usage as well. Moreover, Sygic app has several interesting features that divide this app from others and ensure it is unique. For instance, it gives drivers with information regarding lane traffics, speed limits, the cheapest gasoline in the area and parking spots.

  1. Navigon

Navigon positions itself as the field leader. The app is not free, however, developers promise to offer you the comprehensive interface, precise navigation and a wide diversity of useful features. Navigon takes the best industry practices and combines them in one single app. Just like Sygic app, it allows drivers to construct routes in the real time and download maps for offline navigation.

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