Top Best Japanese Games for PC

Japan mightn’t be the largest country in the world, but they have a strong culture and history. However, they’re very meticulous when it comes to making video games, and it’s not strange as Japanese video games are often praised. They’re one of the best developers when it comes to JRPG titles, as well as some hack-and-slash and fighting games, so we got to pay a homage to those great efforts. Below is the listing of best Japanese games for PC. I am hoping you enjoy, or else, an angry Samurai will take off your face!

  1. Nioh

First on the list is no besides Nioh. This role-playing action game nails it when it comes to being fully a Japanese game. I don’t prefer to call Dark Souls games a genre, but this game is quite souls-like because of its difficulty and some gameplay similarities. You complete various levels and at the end of each and every level is a manager, who’s, obviously quite difficult and could make you break your gamepad if you get too nervous. Seriously, Nioh is an AMAZING game, however, it isn’t for folks who play games just to relax. It’s a nerve-wracking experience, with an amazing story featuring legendary Samurais and epic setting. Don’t miss this game and don’t give in!

  1. Nier: Automata

Whenever you hear about Nier: Automata, you are able to often see the term “underrated” immediately next to its name. The hard the fact is that Nier: Automata should indeed be a much-underrated game and that its destiny isn’t the brightest it could be. Now, in the event that you ask me about the game genre, I can’t simply answer your question. It combines great hack-and-slash gameplay with various 2D elements as well as strong RPG elements. However, Nier: Automata allows you to upgrade your weapons, explore and progress through the game. Furthermore, Nier: Automata isn’t a game that you’ll finish in just a few hours, giving it a very good replayability value.

  1. Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is what it sounds like. It’s dark and it will need your soul in a matter of seconds! It’s easily one of the hardest video games of all time and its dark atmosphere just adds that heaviness to it. Dark Souls 3 is an activity RPG title that forces one to go balls-to-the-wall when it comes to survival. You are all alone here and no-one is here to help you but DEATH. It’s hard, it’s ruthless and it comes at you like a bulldozer, threatening to slap you directly in the face. If you should be up for a punishing, yet rewarding experience, then why wait? This juggernaut is all yours!

  1. Tekken 7

This season was a great year for fighting games for PC. We got some pretty amazing games like Tekken 7 so I really can’t ask more, else I would have been a fool. Tekken 7 brings back that arcade feeling of the old PlayStation games right in your face. It has beautiful graphics, nice animations and even a single player mode which isn’t jaw-dropping, but nevertheless a good addition. The true fun, however, arises from a multiplayer and that’s where Tekken 7 shines. You can now grab your gamepad and kick your plaza’s and laugh at them when you do so!

  1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was an enormous commercial success, and it’s not strange, having in your mind that Hideo Kojima is the star here. This old bastard knows his job and he yet again proved to be a worthy game designer. However, this stealth game isn’t quite finished and polished near the end, as Hideo Kojima had some difficulties with Konami, before eventually being kicked out. Shame on you, Konami! MGSV: The Phantom Pain offers more than 20 hours of a campaign… what more to request?!

  1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Japanese games aren’t pretty much Samurais and stuff, but also a bit about sports games. With this in your mind, let’s mention Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, a fierce rival to FIFA 18. This football game is awesome, to express the least. It’s nice graphics, the physics are vastly improved and you know… there is a Master League which I merely adore. Something that bothers every PES game is non-licensed teams, but not these, so it’s forgivable. Get a few beers and enjoy a sensible PES experience.

  1. The Evil Within 2

Japanese horror is regarded as frightening and intense as fuck, thus we have a fresh game called The Evil Within 2. This game is here to scare the living hell out of you, being one of the best horror games I’ve ever played! It does everything as it should and executes its presentation in an elegant, precise manner. Here I take into account the amazing story, a half open-world setting, plenty of stomach-twisting enemies and spooky atmosphere. You’ll receive all of them in The Evil Within 2, but gather some courage before playing it.

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