Top Best Games like Kingdoms of Camelot

Some of the best strategy games like Kingdoms of Camelot can be found to play online itself. In these kind of games you can get to become an ambitious leader and lead your nation to great heights by using your resources wisely. As we realize that there are lots of of you gamers who enjoy playing these types, we have chosen to gather the popular ones and mention them out for you personally here.

7 Games like Kingdoms of Camelot

  1. Evony: Age II

Evony: Age II is the initial one that produces an appearance on our listing of games much like Kingdoms of Camelot that is accessible online. The environmental surroundings in this pick resembles the medieval era, where you’ve a town-hall which determines the overall growth of one’s city. Once you keep upgrading this main building structure, how big is the city will consequently keep increasing and you will gain an amount upgrade.

  1. Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms

In Might and Magic you’ve four specific sets of factions that you could join namely the Haven, the Academy, the Inferno or the Necromancers. Since this pick is subtitled Heroes Kingdoms, you will actually get a separate Hero unit to control who can help lead the kingdom to glory.

  1. Ikariam

Ikariam is another great game produced by Gameforge for all you strategy gaming enthusiasts. You must play this 1 with plenty of attention and concentration as there are lots of factors that you will need to take into account to be able to progress. As an example, you will need to focus on not only the expansion of one’s town, but in addition towards the growth of one’s military and trade with other members.

  1. Travian

Travian is another game that has the exact same notion of resource gathering and expanding your base. But this isn’t the sole reason why we have mentioned it on our listing of Kingdoms of Camelot alternatives for you. The developers of Travian offer you quite a simple to use interface system that is also simple to understand and understand.

  1. Grepolis

It’d certainly be foolish folks to leave out Grepolis from our listing of strategy-oriented games. This pick has a complete Greek kind of setting as is visible in the architecture of the buildings which can be constructed here. Being an old Greece inspired game, you will have a way to add plenty of units from Greek myth to your ranks including the potent Minotuar or Manticore units.

  1. Celtic Tribes

The next we have is Celtic Tribes where in fact the gameplay resembles all the last ones we have mentioned so far. Your beginnings will be very humble out here, as you will start with just one tiny farming kind of land to assume control over. Once you start gathering up the required resources and other materials, you are able to slowly start expanding the activities of the village and gain an excellent reputation in the country.

  1. The Settlers Online

The final option on our listing of games much like Kingdoms of Camelot is titled The Settlers Online. As you may have guessed from the header, in this pick you will be leading a small band of settlers and work towards building up a powerful empire. After you have a well-balanced supply of resources for the subjects, you can start sending out exploration parties in search of new areas.

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