Top Best Games like Killzone

Have you been keen on playing more games like Killzone where you are able to shoot to kill all of your enemies? Well, if you have an excellent trigger finger and have a lot of skill in playing first person shooters, then we’ve a wonderful new list of the very types mentioned for you right here. So have a glance at these spectacular titles where you will surely find a great deal of action that you’ve been waiting for.

6 Games like Killzone

  1. Call of Duty: Ghosts

This version of Call of Duty is the very first one which we can recommend on our listing of games much like Killzone for all you could fans of FPS games. Here you may find an entire new storyline in area for this Call of Duty version titled Ghosts, where you defeat enemies with a variety of weapons and even take the aid of artillery strike in certain instances.

  1. Halo 3

The 2nd option we’ve for you is this third installment of Halo as possible play in your Xbox. You’ll once again occupy the role of ‘Master Chief’in that one and team up with certain alien allies to attain a common objective that is to remove a battle of vile aliens who are determined to wipe out most of the humans from the universe.

  1. ARMA 2

There’s nothing beats an excellent first person shooter game where you are able to arrive at play as a brave soldier in the army fighting for your cause. This is mainly why we’ve added ARMA 2 on our listing of Killzone alternatives for you yourself to check out. This pick very aptly describing what all action happens when you’re fighting for the army or get behind enemy lines. Here you may also learn the importance of tactics and well-orchestrated strategy when you’re against an apparently powerful adversary.

  1. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike gets a significant upgrade in this version called Global Offensive. Which means that combined with revamped graphics of one’s terrorist, counter-terrorists and maps, you may also arrive at play on some newly introduced gaming modes which will take your team playing skills to an entire different level.

  1. Crysis 3

Another one our listing of games much like Killzone is Crysis 3 produced by Crytek on the CryENGINE. If the graphics of doesn’t excite you, then the gameplay surely will. In that one you can get to employ a vast variety of potent weapons to unleash hells fury in your enemies.

  1. Resistance 3

The last option we’ve for you on our listing of first person shooter games is Resistance 3. In this area of the Resistance series you can get to be always a area of the final chapter of the war contrary to the nefarious chimera which can be determined to kill every last individual and make the planet their own.

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