Top Best Games like Killing Floor

Let’s speak about the game involved which is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Developed and published by Tripwire Interactive, the back-story of Killing Floor centers on a biotechnology company that is conducting military experiments involving genetic manipulation and mass cloning. Just as expected, ‘something goes horribly wrong’and the facility is overrun by ferocious ‘specimens’and the chaos spreads into London too.

8 Games like Killing Floor

  1. No More Room in Hell

The first entry in this list of games much like Killing Floor is No More Room in Hell. The realm on hell is apparently packed to the hilt, so the living dead now roam the streets of the world, killing and infecting all the humans they see. Here you will need to face swarm after swarm of undead zombies and fight them off combined with the number of survivors which are on your team.

  1. Zombie Panic! Source

Zombie Panic is actually one those Half-Life mods that’s absolve to play. In this pick, you are able to elect to play quietly of the human survivors or on that of the zombies. You will find four different types of modes you will find here. One is the survival mode where you will need to live to the end by completely eliminating the members of the rival team or being the past one standing by the end of the round if you’re on the human side.

  1. They Hunger: Lost Souls

Another one on our lineup is They Hunger:Lost Souls by Black Widow Games. As the story of that one goes, you are playing the role of a writer who’s going on a vacation to get some new ideas for your next book. However, after ending up in an accident the effect of a freak lighting storm, you find yourself entering a monastery that’s packed with the undead.

  1. Left 4 Dead 2

Listed here is another survival-horror form of game that individuals may add to the roster of Killing Floor alternatives for you really to play. You will undoubtedly be introduced to four new playable characters in this second installment of Left 4 Dead and even tougher zombie-like creatures to fight against. Left 4 Dead is particularly ideal for those gamers who enjoy playing in cooperative mode with others.

  1. Alien Swarm

As the name indicates, in Alien Swarm you will undoubtedly be up against vast armies of creepy bug-like creatures. This 1 offers you to be able to select and play as some of the four classes of space marines who fight these alien spawn. The overall game also lays emphasis on players working together as a team to defeat these vicious creatures and completely exterminate all their kind.

  1. Team Fortress 2: Mann vs. Machine

In this version of Team Fortress titled Mann vs. Machine, you can play as any of the Team Fortress classes and got to struggle with a vast metal army of robots. However your enemy is available in very different shapes and sizes including Minor League Scouts to massive Giant robots.

  1. The Dead Linger

Listed here is another horror based game for all you fans of the survival horror genre. In this, you will get to play as a sole survivor in the fight forever against groups of zombies coming at you. In The Dead Linger you’ll learn how to master fighting with only typical melee form of weapons such as axes and crowbars instead of guns.

  1. The Haunted: Hell’s Reach

And the ultimate one which we have for you in this list of games much like Killing Floor is The Haunted: Hell’s Reach. Out here, you be facing an all out war between humans and vile demons that emerge straight from the pits of hell itself.

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