Top Best Games Like Infinity Blade 3

When Epic Games released their action-roleplaying iOS game Infinity Blade 3 in 2013, it had been immediately hailed as among the best mobile gaming experiences of most time. Employing stunning graphics, a long campaign, and satisfying gameplay, it had been considered the nearest thing to the console video gaming you can find for a smartphone. The crazy thing is, two and-a-half years later, still it hasn’t really been topped. There are various amazing mobile games like Infinity Blade to experience, but nothing has definitively exceeded the console-like quality of the title. Still, that does not mean there’s not a lot of options that are similar, either in mode, theme, or execution. The following 8, with me, are games like Infinity Blade that springs to mind when I’m sure of experiences similar to the epic iOS fighting game.

  1. Horn

Phosphor Games designed this little app just a couple months after the primary launch of Infinity Blade 3, therefore it is difficult to talk about if Epic Games ‘creation actually influenced it. Horn that are essentially the most similar games like Infinity Blade 3 on the market, using the same RPG and quest elements in play, as well as nearly identical gameplay mechanics. Inside games you’ll discover yourself to be in one-on-one battles against an array of foes, “hacking and slashing” which has a swipe of this finger. Where Horn fails to deliver is the fact that its graphics are nowhere close to beautiful as that relating to Infinity Blade 3.

  1. Stormblades

Stormblades was the 1st real make an effort to mimic Infinity Blade 3 for Android devices, considering the fact that these only agreed to be situated on iOS for many time. Now available for iOS and Android alike, Stormblades is a great approximation of everything players loved about Infinity Blade 3, using the same mechanics and also graphics which are nearly as impressive. Its only shortcomings are in the plot and RPG elements that happen to be lazy to talk about the least. Still, Stormblades may be valued at an attempt for smartphone gamers interested in more games like Infinity Blade.

  1. Blood & Glory 2: Legend

Purely with regard to gameplay, I personally think Blood & Glory 2: Legend is an activity much like Infinity Blade 3. If you’re been simply handed a telephone with an activity already going, you’d know immediately that another game for this list wasn’t Infinity Blade 3. It could take you 60 seconds to make the same determination on this one. Presented like a progressive selection of battles through gladiator arenas, its graphics and fighting systems are extraordinarily alike to that relating to Infinity Blade 3, and every bit as satisfying.

  1. I, Gladiator

I, Gladiator is much like Blood & Glory 2: Legend in concept and execution. The primary difference is it game takes an artistic approach that’s deliberately less realistic, opting to get a hand-drawn look instead of cutting-edge 3D graphics. The action is 3D, but the design of this is the slightest bit crude, in an oddly satisfying way. Engage yourself in brutal battle against enemies and utilize weapons to crush foes in different pieces.

  1. Gladiator

Not a standalone app rather among the many gaming options at Bet fair, the Gladiator game will be based on the 2000 film of the identical name. Played like a traditional casino slot machine, it features a background harking back to a gladiator arena and employs bonuses and icons on the film. Naturally it’s in contrast to Infinity Blade 3 coming from a gameplay perspective, but which I found some gladiatorial foundation towards one-on-one fighting concept in Infinity Blade. It will make me think about gladiator brawls so purely by theme this game definitely makes the list alongside gladiator app games.

  1. Dark Meadow: The Pact

Moving far from the gladiator theme, Dark Meadow: The Pact is an entirely different experience that will still interest Infinity Blade 3 fans. It’s another Phosphor Games product, and it’s designed as a sort of nightmare scenario. Basically you get up in a hospital without any idea the way you got there and find yourself overcoming monsters one by one for the duration of the game. It differs significantly from other titles with this list in as possible explore the environmental surroundings like an open world, however the fighting style and high-end graphics allow it to be stand easily on par among other games like Infinity Blade 3.

  1. Marvel: Contest of Champions

Marvel: Contest Of Champions differs from the majority of the games like Infinity Blade with this list for the reason that it’s not really a first- or third-person fighting game. Rather, it’s a one-v-one fighter akin to Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, but populated with the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe. Frankly, at a glance, it’s nothing like these types of games. However, it’s pretty heavy on RPG elements and it has a few of the sharpest graphics since Infinity Blade 3, which explains why it might interest exactly the same fans.

  1. Batman: Arkham City Lockdown

Sticking with the superhero theme for the last selection, Batman: Arkham City Lockdown is a little bit like Infinity Blade 3 if it took place in an alternate DC fictional world. You control Batman on a quest to defeat the criminally insane villains which have been released throughout Arkham City. While the game feels somehow more intimate than Infinity Blade 3 (which tends to feel big and sprawling even though you can’t freely explore the world), the 2 share an affinity for high-end graphics and visceral close-quarters fighting.

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