Top Best Games like Gears of War

We’ve maintained a listing of the finest games like Gears of War and decided to fairly share them with you today. You will surely have a great time playing these picks particularly if you are a huge fan of our main title in question. So have a glance at our list below and check out these action-packed games for yourself.

6 Games like Gears of War

  1. Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

The first title which we are able to recommend is this latest version of Army of Two titled The Devil’s Cartel. In this Electronic Arts creation you are able to expect you’ll be the explanation for a lot of chaos and mayhem when you are playing the role of special operatives from the T.W.O organization. This version goes sunny Mexico City where in fact the streets are infested by the notorious drug cartel and your job is to put an end to the menace along along with your fellow agent.

  1. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction

Another one on our listing of games similar to Gears of War is this brought for your requirements by Ubisoft. Your preferred stealth operative Sam Fisher appears once more in this 1 titled Conviction, where you will see him using much more firepower, which really is a drastic shift from his normal silent killer demeanor. Once you play your mission out here you’ll realize that it is simple to knock out your opponent unconscious like the previous versions but instead to will have to shoot to kill. And with the introduction of the brand new Mark and Execute feature eliminate enemies in this way becomes much easier and faster.

  1. Dead Space 3

The third option we have for you is yet another famous Electronic Arts release called Dead Space and in this edition your story will take you on a more thrilling journey and the best showdown between you and the treacherous Necromorphs. And this pick you will have to face will more nightmarish creatures that are quicker and deadlier than all the previous ones that you might have encountered in the series.

  1. Mass Effect 3

Just one more Electronic Arts development which we have added to the listing of Gears of War alternatives is Mass Effect 3. In this third installment of Mass Effect you’ll experience galactic warfare gaming like never before. Since this can be a sci-fi based title you may be rest assured that you will get a huge plethora of futuristic weapons and advanced technology to help you in fighting against your foes.

  1. Warhammer 40000: Space Marine

Looking for more adrenaline-pumping action and bloody battles? Then Warhammer 40000 should satisfy your appetite for such sort of gameplay. And since this is another space based pick occur the unforeseeable future, you are able to expect a lot of ruthless enemies who’ll threaten your existence. But when you play as a Space Marine you’ll realize that retreat is no option and neither will you need certainly to resort to the as your character is more than effective at striking down huge groups of enemies all by himself.

  1. Bulletstrom

The past option on our assortment of games similar to Gears of War is Bulletstrom created by exactly the same makers of our main title. This pick also offers you huge doses of action of the best intensity, when you are playing in a very volatile environment from the start of the game.

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