Top Best ‘Games Like Bad Piggies’

Rovio’s newest blockbuster physics-based game has broken all download records, because of an appealing gameplay concept and some fun building mechanics. As opposed to the usual catapult-slinging game, developers chose to set those cute little pigs around the driver’s seat and also have given you the responsibility of making wacky vehicles for the kids to get a bumpy joyride.

7 Best Games Like Bad Piggies

  1. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Your third game of the Banjo Kazooie series is centered on vehicle construction. Almost 80 percent off levels require players to build snazzy vehicles freely from over 1000 components.

  1. Monster Physics

A distinctive create-your-own-vehicles app, Monster Physics allows you to build air and ground vehicles and place cutesy monsters inside for an exciting ride. The adventure has a sandbox mode and pre-built levels. The second provides plenty of puzzle challenges. These, nearly everyone is kid-centric and teaches what the law states of physics in an exciting, pleasant way.

  1. iBlast Moki

An adorable physics-based puzzler, iBlast Moki allows players to utilize bombs that will create contraptions to have those cutesy mokis right portal exit. The Mokis are as cute as those green oinks and intensely animated. You were given to look at their expressions when you toss them around each stage.

  1. Incredipede

Incredipede may be doing rounds on forums, including popular forums like Touch Arcade. Going by the trailer, the sport looks quite promising and may well develop into a terrific physics-based construction game like Bad Piggies.

  1. Fantastic Contraption 2

A flash-based game, Fantastic Contraption is a mind-bending puzzle game enabling players to create mean machines for delivering an object to a pink exit zone. There appearance to have enough items to utilize, including special water connecting rods, gears, extra wheels along with other pieces to build your crazy machine.

  1. Incredibots

An incredible sandbox builder, Incredibots lets your imagination go wild through providing simple tools. You can create your own personal robots by drawing shapes, assembling objects and making changes to object properties.

  1. Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet (LBP) is the most effective physics-based games that the players have ever played. Though the sport isn’t too similar Rovio’s latest game, it has those fun moments the place you build vehicles to aid Sackboy (the titular character) to reach his objectives.

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